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Marquis Advisory Group Gains 3 New Executives


Three internationally experienced senior executives have joined San Francisco headquartered Marquis Advisory Group. Established in 1993, the firm provides advanced, collaborative management services for U.S. bound foreign companies. These Senior Associates of Marquis have primary responsibility for continuing the successful development of the business’s international and domestic client practice.

Paul Falchi, former Director of Strategic Planning and VP of Marketing at a Sprint Division preceded his role as founder and senior manager of the first U.S.-Russian telecommunications services joint venture, and followed that with a series of senior marketing and sales management positions in international and U.S. technology. Fluent in Spanish, Russian and Italian, he holds three degrees from the University of Washington: M.A. and B.A. in philosophy and M.U.P. in Urban Planning Information Systems. He lives and works in Berkley, California.

Robert Holmquist’s executive management positions include, Vice President-Broadband Services for Verizon; Vice President-Technology Planning for GTE; Vice President-Engineering and IT at GTE Airfone; Director of Product Development for Sprint Communications; Director, Planning and Analysis-Networks at GTE Corporate. Professional experience also includes the world’s first two cell phone deployments, commercial development of DSL for high-speed internet access, advance IP phone systems as a service as well as consulting projects in semiconductor manufacturing and software development. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Auburn University. He lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

Harlan Jacobs is a chief financial officer and held the senior management position of CFO of FilmTec Corporation, a developer of a reverse osmosis membrane technology that was purchased during his tenure by Dow Chemical for $75 Million. He then focused on financial consulting and angel investing in various high-tech start-up companies from his own organization, Genesis Business Centers Ltd. that provides startup companies with support professional services in a for-profit high-tech incubation program in Minnesota. His international business development has been successful in Sweden and Israel. He lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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