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Married couples go head to head in unique Fantasy Football league

Fantasy Football is a family affair in Morton, Illinois, where the DoubleMint League pits husbands against wives in weekly play.

The idea for the DoubleMint league was born when Tina wanted to involve her female friends in her love of Fantasy Football.  The hobby had become a big part of her lifestyle with her husband Don, so Tina figured why not get their closest couple friends to join them in some fun competition?

Tina, who serves as commissioner, enlisted a group of friends to join the league which is now in its fifth season. Yahoo Sports visited DoubleMint for their in-person draft to get the season started.  In addition to draft day, the league-mates meet every Sunday for a potluck viewing party where they enjoy each other’s company and talk trash while watching games on multiple screens.

DoubleMint plays two games in one with a simultaneous individual and couples contest. Each week, the group plays in a traditional singles league on Yahoo, where eventually, husbands and wives will go head-to-head.  A second game is played each week where each couple’s combined score is tabulated in a couple vs. couple matchup.  At the season’s end, trophies are awarded to both the individual league winner and the top couple.

The DoubleMinters —comprised of family and friends all agree that fantasy  has brought them closer together, enriching their relationships and football prowess.