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Marvel joins Madefire's digital comic book collection

Jon Fingas

Madefire's digital comic book platform is a good way to spice up stories that you may have read countless times, but its catalog has always had a conspicuous gap: namely, there were no Marvel comics. That ends today. Madefire has added Marvel to its collection, giving you the likes of The Avengers, Black Panther and X-Men through its Android, iOS, Windows and TV apps. There's no mention of taking advantage of Madefire's pseudo-3D Motion Book format, but having access is clearly the big deal here. You don't have to switch apps when you're ready to jump from Wonder Woman to Squirrel Girl.

We'd add that this also injects some competition into digital comics. Not surprisingly, Amazon's Comixology is the elephant in the room -- this gives you a recognizable alternative that includes a healthy mix of majors and indies like DC, IDW and Valiant. It may be difficult to jump ship if you already have a huge library elsewhere, but at least you have a viable choice.