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Marvion unveiling HKU CampusLand - a joint metaverse initiative with Marvel Digital AI and the University of Hong Kong

As the first metaverse campus with artificial intelligence among Hong Kong's higher education institutions, there are plans to promote HKU CampusLand to other primary and secondary schools within Hong Kong next year.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Metaverse media company Marvion, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC:BONZ)  is pleased to unveil HKU CampusLand – a joint initiative with Marvel Digital AI (MDAI) and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science of HKU.

As the first metaverse campus with artificial intelligence among Hong Kong's higher education institutions HKU CampusLand was developed on the Roblox platform and officially launched on 17 Oct 2022.  As part of this initiative, students from the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science are able to interact with other students as well as faculty members.  These students are also expected to take lessons and even collaborate on projects in the "edu-verse" environment.

Commenting on HKU CampusLand, Dr Patrick Ma, CEO of MDAi, said, "This is a perfect example to showcase the potential of the metaverse in the field of education.  We have been working very closely with Marvion and Data Science Lab of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science to develop digital human avatars within HKU CampusLand that are capable of speech recognition, text analysis, facial expression recognition, etc."

"In the near term, students from the Faculty of Science of HKU will be given priority to try the environment out.  Moving forward, we aim to roll out a working prototype to some of the Hong Kong primary and secondary schools next year.  On a personal level, I am very excited as this project has the potential to really change how education will be delivered," Patrick added.

In relation to the coursework that students are expected to go through in HKU CampusLand, Lecturer Dr Lau Sau Mui, Adela, Deputy Director of the Master of Data Science Programme and Deputy Director of SAAS Data Science Lab of the University of Hong Kong, said, "This is an excellent opportunity for our students to be exposed to the metaverse.  Within HKU CampusLand, there will be project work that will require the students to collaborate and innovate to solve real industry problems.  In addition, our HKU CampusLand is very different as our digital human avatars are powered by artificial intelligence.  These avatars are expected to learn by interacting with our students, thereby training the AI algorithms to better understand human behaviour – which will ultimately bring us closer to the seamless integration between the real and virtual worlds."

Dr Eddy Lam, Associate Dean (Student Affairs) of Faculty of Science and Prof Guosheng Yin, Head of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, said, "HKU Campusland provides us an artificial intelligent environment to connect our students being more human like, and we are expecting to explore the metaverse experience from institution-led to student-led for our students in MSc in Data Science,. MSc in Applied AI, and/or UG programs of Statistics and Actuarial Science to create collective intelligence and wisdom management."

On the role that Marvion plays in this collaboration, Raymond Chua, CEO of Marvion, said, "This is one of the many exciting projects that we have been quietly working on in the last few months.  The HKU CampusLand is located within a larger Marvion Central Park environment, which has many other virtual buildings – such as a virtual arts and collectibles  gallery, virtual stores, recreational facilities and installations."

"As to why we have developed our metaverse on Roblox and not from scratch, the answer is simple. When you think of Web 3.0, the essence is about having something that can interoperate across different platforms.  Thus, our focus is to develop the AI applications that can operate in any given environment and not just one single metaverse.  Hence, as we continue to expand, Marvion Central Park will also be available on different platforms and offer a more diversified virtual learning experience – that we collectively term as Marvion's Edu-verse.  While we are starting this project with HKU, we hope to bring this to more regions including Singapore, Europe and even the US," commented Raymond.

To visit HKU CampusLand and Marvion Central Park, please visit: https://www.roblox.com/games/9997537064/Marvion-Central-Park.  For more information on Marvion and its metaverse offerings, please visit www.marvion.media.

For media queries, please contact:

About BONZ

Bonanza Goldfields Corporation is a Nevada holding company that through its subsidiaries are engaged in the media distribution business. Specifically, we provide authentication, valuation and certification ("AVC") service, sale and purchase, hire purchase, financing, custody, security and exhibition ("CSE") services to buyers of movie and music media through traditional channels as well as through leveraging blockchain technology through the creation of digital ownership tokens ("DOTs")

The group is building an ecosystem and a metaverse for the media and entertainment industry that implements and adopts blockchain and NFT technologies, through mergers and acquisitions.

About Marvion™️

Marvion is a metaverse technology company in the media and entertainment industry, focusing on movies, drama, animation, comics, music and games that provide content and entertainment to adults and children alike. Although most media and entertainment content are digital in nature today, they exists in the real world as intangible assets, such as intellectual property, licenses and contractual rights, with intrinsic value.

Marvion applies blockchain and NFT technologies as tools to disrupt and improve the existing media and entertainment industry and its current practices. The technology underpinning NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has multiple functional use cases, some of which have the power to transform our societies, and some of which may be subject to regulations. Marvion uses NFT technology solely to create a legally-binding digital ownership token (DOT) to both tangible and intangible media and entertainment assets, which our analysis suggests would functionally fall outside any regulatory perimeter.

More Information about Marvion™️:
Website:           www.marvion.media
Facebook:        www.facebook.com/marvionmetaverse
Instagram:        www.instagram.com/marvion.media
Twitter:             www.twitter.com/marvion_media
LinkedIn:          www.linkedin.com/company/marvion
Telegram:         www.t.me/marvion_media

About Marvion's DOT

Marvion's DOTs are integrated, best in class, digital ownership token (DOT) that contains a smart contract that can execute transactions and also contains the specific legal terms of the intellectual property ownership, license and/or rights. Each DOT contains the following:

  • A copy of the SPA for the purchase of the master license.

  • Evidence or warranty of ownership of the relevant intellectual property.

  • Ownership of the sub-license detailing the rights of the DOT holder.

  • Image/video/music or other file depending on what the asset is.


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SOURCE Bonanza Goldfields Corp.