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Massage Therapist Who Accused Kevin Spacey Of Sexual Assault Dies

Mike Walters

A message therapist who sued Kevin Spacey for sexual assault has died, this according to court records filed by the actors attorney.

According to the document obtained by The Blast, John Doe (his name has never been revealed) passed away on Sept. 11, 2019.


Spacey's lawyer said in the filing:

"September 11, 2019, counsel for plaintiff John Doe (“Plaintiff”) informed counsel for defendant Kevin Spacey Fowler that Plaintiff had “recently passed.” No further information or details have been given to Mr. Fowler’s counsel, but Plaintiff’s counsel stated they intend to notify the Court with additional information at an appropriate time in the future."

It is unclear in the documents if the death was expected or unexpected or if John Doe had been sick for sometime.

The massage therapist, originally filed the lawsuit as an anonymous John Doe, claimed he was sexually assaulted by the “American Beauty” actor during a massage session.

The suit claimed, Spacey grabbed the masseur’s hand twice and and his private parts. He also allegedly grabbed John Doe's shoulders in an attempt to kiss him and fondle his genitals.

The Oscar winning actor has been accused by over a dozen men of sexual misconduct.

As we reported, criminal sexual assault charges were dropped in Massachusetts, after another 18-year-old alleged victim decided to stop cooperating with the prosecution.

We broke the story, Spacey has been battling with this John Doe to reveal his name in the lawsuit. In July, the judge in the case, did order the person to reveal who they are, but only to Spacey and his legal team.


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