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Massive change in car needs and technology drive $249 billion sales in 2027

LONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cities will deter private cars; encourage autonomous taxi and rental cars. Japan wants the car to be in the hydrogen economy: a source of emergency electricity. Emerging countries car-like vehicles, one tenth of the cost, will never refuel, grabbing sunshine, wind.

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The biggest change in cars for one hundred years is now starting. It is driven by totally new requirements and capabilities. They will cause huge new businesses to appear but some giants currently making cars and their parts will spectacularly go bankrupt. Cities will ban private cars but encourage cars as autonomous taxis and rental vehicles. Already 65% of cars in China are bought by businesses. The Japanese want the car to be part of the hydrogen economy and a source of power when the next earthquakes and tsunamis hit.

Here are some key Findings of the study:

·         China and Japan  want car-like vehicles, mainly as taxis, that are one tenth of the cost and never refuel because the ample sunshine and wind will be grabbed and stored by the vehicle.

·         There is a complete chapter on cars in China, the country that buys the most, has some of the lowest costs and leapfrogging innovation but completely different market drivers with the government controlling supply, demand and regulation.

·         Integration and electric is the name of the game with components-in-a-box becoming smart wheels and smart inside and outside bodywork and seating.

·         Key enabling technologies rapidly move to batteries, power electronics and often multiple traction motors.

·         The report times peak car, peak HEV, peak PHEV and peak lead acid battery. Nissan in Japan told us they have no plans to remove the lead acid battery from their pure electric cars but others are acting differently.

·         The report finds a huge market emerging for the cheapest, easiest way of converting existing production of cars to keep them legal as new global warming laws bite.

·         The analysis reveals when Energy Independent Vehicles (EIV) become significant, not least as cars. It exposes the world of LIDAR, RADAR, cameras, and software and so on for autonomy with their relative importance changing rapidly. The price trends are dramatic.

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