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Matching washers and dryers that cleaned up in our tests

Samsung DV5451AE[W]

Matching washer and dryer pairs are a popular choice but some don’t make a great couple. Their coordinating look makes a statement, but you’ll question how a terrific washer and a noisy dryer that’s tough on clothes ended up together. Enter the matchmaker. Consumer Reports’ latest dryer tests found three standouts with matching washers that are CR Best Buys, offering high performance at an appealing price.

Among consumers who bought laundry appliances in the past three years about 60 percent chose matching pairs, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, a trade group. Special pricing and promotions help move these pairs from the warehouse to your house and so does their appearance. No longer destined for a basement corner, these washer and dryer pairs offer a complementary look that’s often stylish and come in colors like cranberry and lemongrass (although the ones we tested are white). Here’s a glimpse at three matching pairs that performed well in our tests and are top picks. See our Ratings of washers and dryers for details on their performance and features.

Two duos from LG. The LG WM3470H[W]A washer and DLEX3470[W] electric dryer, about $1,000 each, make a dynamic duo. The front-loader tops our washer Ratings and was superb overall. It’s a CR Best Buy. But like all front-loaders, it uses less water to wash so it takes time to get laundry clean—85 minutes for a normal cycle. The dryer tops the Ratings and was one of the quietest we tested. Both offer large capacities and the washer’s excellent water efficiency and water extraction means the dryer doesn’t have to work as hard. That saves energy and money. The gas dryer is DLGX3471[W].

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Also from LG, the WM2250C[W] front-loader, $720, and the matching DLE2250[W] electric dryer, $800, are both CR Best Buys. The washer aced our cleaning tests and was one of the gentlest on fabrics we tested. But it’s relatively noisy and normal cycle time is 95 minutes. The dryer, on the other hand, was relatively quiet and excellent in drying. The gas dryer is DLG2251[W].

Samsung set. Samsung’s WA5451AN[W] top-loading washer and DV5451AE[W] electric dryer, each around $900, are also CR Best Buys. Both have large capacities, and are relatively quiet. The high-efficiency top-loader does an impressive job cleaning clothes and gets it done in 65 minutes—that’s brisk when compared to front-loaders. The gas dryer is DV5451AG[W].

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