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Matt Damon wants you to drink beer—for a good cause

Matt Damon wants you to drink beer—for a good cause. His nonprofit Water.org has partnered with AB InBev’s (BUD) Stella Artois for a Super Bowl commercial to raise money for and awareness about the global water crisis. According to the site, one in nine people lack access to safe water, and one in three people lack access to a toilet.

In the 30-second spot, titled “Taps,” Damon reminds viewers of something they probably take for granted—”clean water at the turn of a tap.”

“It’s allowing you to participate in a solution, and it’s all in 30 seconds which is pretty great,” says Damon.

It’s Stella Artois’ first appearance at the Super Bowl since making its big game debut in 2011. From now until April 15, every purchase of a Stella Artois 12-pack will help Water.org provide a year of clean water to someone in the developing world. Buying a limited-edition Stella Artois chalice will provide five years of clean water for one person.

“During our four-year partnership with Stella, we’ve reached a million people with clean water solutions,” Damon says. “And we’re on track to reach 3.5 million by 2020.”

The Downsizing actor, 47, co-founded Water.org in 2009 with long-time water activist and engineer Gary White. The organization pioneers market-driven financial solutions to ensure that all people have access to safe water and sanitation.

It’s WaterCredit initiative extends affordable micro-loans to people in developing countries to help them to pay for water connections such as faucets and in-home toilets. So far, the organization has helped 6 million people gain access to sustainable, clean water.

In 2014, the organization launched WaterEquity, a social impact fund that invests in enterprises that serve water and sanitation needs among the world’s poor.

Damon hopes the massive reach of the Super Bowl audience will help educate the public about the water crisis and move them to action.

The Massachusetts native says he’s never gone to a Super Bowl, but he’s hoping that quarterback Tom Brady can lead the New England Patriots to their sixth Lombardi trophy.


If the Patriots make it to the Big Game again this year, Damon says he plans to watch it from the comfort of his own home—while drinking a Stella Artois, of course.