Matt The Mortgage Guy Explains What a Mortgage Broker Does and Why You Want to Work With One

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SACRAMENTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2021 / Buying a home is a process that many people get into without fully understanding a lot of what is going on. Part of that process is finding a lender and getting approved for a mortgage, which is often a daunting experience. People experience many highs and lows when trying to get their new mortgage approved, which sometimes feels stressful and scary when you are buying a home. The 2022 real estate market is going to be competitive and working with a mortgage broker is a way a buyer can protect their best interests and get into the best mortgage for their specific scenario.

A mortgage broker is a professional who works to connect borrowers with the lender that will be the best match for them, they work as a middleman, on the behalf of the borrower. Although most home buyers are aware of the basic real estate process and what a mortgage is, many do not understand what goes into getting the best mortgage terms. Working with a mortgage broker can be the distinction between a good loan and a great one.

Once a real estate offer is accepted things move into the financing phase where the buyer must secure a mortgage loan to purchase the house. This is where having a game plan and a professional on your side can make the process a smooth and easy one. Lenders do not work for buyers or sellers; they represent their own interests. Imagine a scenario where you are three weeks away from closing and your lender backs out or gets everything approved only to find out you need a bigger down payment to get the loan. When these situations happen, they are emotionally draining and can scare people off the home buying process. This is where working with a mortgage broker has amazing benefits.

Mortgage brokers, like Matt Gougé, known in the business as Matt The Mortgage Guy (MTMG), work 100 percent of the time to get the best mortgage for a buyer. They can do this because they work only in mortgages, unlike banks and credit unions who have many kinds of loans and are not solely focused on mortgage lending. Gougé explains that in home buying, a cheaper loan is not always a better loan, a poorly structured loan can lead to years of difficulty and be bad for a borrower long term. It is easy to get so wrapped up in the excitement of buying a house, many people do not know how mortgages, and lending structures work, and can find themselves in a loan that does not match their long term goals. Barry Habib wisely says, "The best rate with the wrong strategy is much more expensive than a competitive rate with a certified mortgage advisor."

Working with a mortgage broker starts with having a mortgage professional looking out for your best interest. Gougé will work with potential buyers before they even start looking for a home. Essentially, he views himself as a "debt advisor", just like a person who advises people about managing their wealth, he helps people understand the debt they are getting into and can find them the best match for their unique financial situation.

With a mortgage broker, you get someone who is knowledgeable in the local market and they will offer real advice based on each individual situation. A mortgage broker is working all the time to make the process faster, easier, and ultimately cost less in the long run. A huge benefit that comes with working with a mortgage broker is that all they work with is mortgage loans, they are experts. They understand that not everyone's the same, so not everyone will benefit from the same loan, and work to offer flexibility and choice. Gougé calls it "high-tech, high-touch" meaning that he uses all the best technology and has access to multiple kinds of lenders; and he gives you a highly personal approach. He specializes in personalized lending, getting the best possible choice for his client's needs.

MTMG knows that people want to work with someone they trust, and he goes above and beyond to give his clients a hand to hold all the way through the lending process. Gougé comes from a background in finance, international business, direct lending, and small business management. He decided to become a mortgage broker because he saw how people were being served in the retail mortgage market. He wanted to provide that connection between lender and homebuyer that puts the homebuyer in the best possible lending situation long term.

MTMG wants to educate people to have a more beneficial financial outcome when they make the decision to get into a mortgage. MTMG's YouTube channel offers hundreds of videos explaining the specific details of how mortgage lending works. MTMG can work with clients on first-time home loans, , jumbo loans, refinance loans, 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed, adjustable rates, many different types of loans to fix each clients individual needs. Their website,, offers several free tools, you can connect through email or apply online anytime to take the first step to secure a better mortgage. To connect with Matt and his team for advice in California shoot an email to If you are outside of CA you can visit to connect with a great broker in your state.

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