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Matte Is The New Black: 15 Matte Black Things Your Home Needs Now

Though it’s no coincidence we’re seeing interest spike for ink-dark hues like matte black since our eyes are now on Halloween, in reality matte black has been trendingin the home and living realm for months. The out-of-this-world color has been popping up everywhere from wedding decor and kitchenware, to minimalist home accessories.

With the darkest holiday of the year just weeks away, get this on-trend look with matte serveware, chalk-painted pumpkins, and dark lighting accents. See below for 15 of our favorite matte black finds, and be sure to sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best sales each week.

This Set of Minimalist Espresso Cups

This Painted Matte Black Cow Skull

This Set of Dinner Plates

This Set Of Tea Cups

This Matte Pumpkin

This Set of Black Beeswax Spine Candles

This Cork Jar

This Matte Graphic Mug

These Ceramic Plates

This Matte Black Skull Candle

This Texas Longhorn

This Vintage Japanese Tea Set

This Ceramic Water Jug

This Vintage Accent Table

This Black and Gold Chandelier


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