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Matthew Rhys saw a shirt he really liked on the red carpet ... so he took it

Matthew Rhys and girlfriend (and The Americans co-star) Keri Russell made quite the appearance at the Mother! New York premiere on Wednesday night.

The couple joined the screening with Mother! stars Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence, and Lawrence’s boyfriend, the film’s director, Darren Aronofsky. They showed up rocking similar getups, wearing all black — almost head to toe.

According to Daily Mail, things got interesting when Rhys, hanging out on the red carpet, decided that he wanted to change up his wardrobe. He spotted a guest wearing a T-shirt that he very much admired (probably due to the pop of color), so he proposed a trade.

Matthew Rhys swapped shirts with a guest at the “Mother!” premiere. (Photo: Getty Images)

As if that weren’t awesome enough, the man happily accepted. To spice things up even more, they decided to strip — right there, in front of everyone.

Matthew Rhys strips on the red carpet. (Photo: Getty Images)

Russell found the whole thing hysterical and was left belly-laughing while standing beside her beau. Photographers had a field day and captured the moment from almost every angle possible — it was quite a sight to see.

The graphic on Rhys’s newly adopted top advertised the People’s Climate March, which took place in April in Washington, D.C. The graphic was small, but it was clearly screaming the actor’s name. It’s still unclear if Rhys ever returned the borrowed shirt, but it certainly makes for a good story.

The on- and offscreen couple have been together for as long as they’ve been co-stars on The Americans, four years. They have a son together, Sam, who is 1 year old.

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