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Beastly performance from Liquid carry


MATUMBAMAN of Team Liquid: MATUMBAMAN played an incredible series for Team Liquid as they were victorious against Evil Geniuses in the Epicenter 2017 grand finals. The carry player finished with a KDA of 25/5/46.

MATUMBAMAN's series opener on the Necrophos was a dream start for Team Liquid. He had an easy early game as Universe was zoned out. He only picked up three kills, but he provided a lot of utility for his team with his Ultimate and his Rod of Atos. In the second game, MATU shifted to the mid lane with Lone Druid. The change-up did not work out for Liquid as the greedy mid choice could not contribute early as EG took advantage. In Game 3, he was back on the the carry role with his signature Lycan. He only died once and provided several broken towers for his team despite a subpar 420 gold per minute. In the final game of the series, MATU was on the meta-dominant Bristleback. His early game farm was efficient and this allowed him to take control of the game with his snowball. A 9-minute Vanguard into a 20-minute Shiva's Guard is very hard to play against.