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Max Scherzer strikes out 10 with broken nose in shutout win over Phillies

On Tuesday, Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer broke his nose when a ball bounced off his bat and hit him in the face while he was practicing bunting.

We learned later that Scherzer, who was scheduled to start Wednesday against the Philadelphia Phillies, had broken his nose.

The team announced that a CT scan came up negative, but surely Scherzer was going to miss at least a start with the face injury, right?


Despite having a broken nose and massive black eye, Max Scherzer opted to take the mound against the Phillies Wednesday -- and he pitched a gem. (Reuters)

Scherzer ‘very adamant’ about starting

Manager Dave Martinez told reporters that Scherzer was “very adamant” about pitching Wednesday during the nightcap of a double-header against the Phillies.

Pitch he did, as he took the mound as the Nationals starter.

He’s not a player who normally wears eyeblack. But if he was, he was already covered under his right eye.

That’s a shiner

If anything, the fastball hurler took the mound with an extra intimidation factor.

He appeared to have a little extra heat than normal to start the game.

He also had some support in the stands.

Scherzer spins a gem

Scherzer didn’t appear any worse for wear, striking out 10 Phillies batters over seven innings of a 2-0 win.

It sounds like Martinez made the right call putting his banged-up ace on the mound.

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