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MBA Stories: A School-By School Collection Of News & Student Profiles

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COVID-19 is a symbol of our disruptive age. Unseen and never far away, it is always top of mind — a reminder of the frailty of our systems and a mockery of our plans. For MBA students, COVID-19 was a sign to slow down, step back, and take stock. That meant reflecting on the activities and relationships that brought value — and the guiding beliefs and ongoing investments that were holding them back. In the process, many discovered purpose, a return on time and talent that enabled them to make a difference as much as a living.

Business schools experienced similar soul searching over the past two years. Even amid COVID constraints, businesses continued to operate faster, more globally, and often online. All the while, stakeholders — students, employers, consumers, and critics alike — demanded more from them. As barriers lessened and competition intensified, business models grew more complex, as the overlap with technological innovation and social change made running a business all the more unpredictable.

And MBA students were in the middle of it all — as business headlines became live cases and evolving requirements churned out opportunities for student-company partnerships.


Call it the step forward and step back era, one marked by a shaky new normal that could bottom out at any moment. This winter has started the same as the previous one: COVID has forced students to shuttle back-and-forth between in-person and online classes. In a world where information is surplus and accuracy is currency, unreliable data — be it from craven deans or dubious rankings — left many MBAs wondering which sources they should trust. As new buildings were erected at Columbia and IE, stalwarts like Michigan Ross, NYU Stern and Ohio State Fisher turned their resources to online learning. In the wake of COVID, students returned and pay rose as employers paid a premium for talent and expertise.

Yes, many programs waived GMAT and GRE requirements. For many, it was harder than ever to gain acceptance as demand rose. Pinched by market forces, business schools offered new degrees, centers, and student funds — when they weren’t busy poaching each other’s faculty. Many rolled out new programming too, often to accommodate student interests in DEI and sustainability. As climate change and social justice took center stage, artificial intelligence and analytics continued to upend the established order. In response, MBA programs accelerated their move to being STEM designated, ensuring students’ know-how could match their intentions.

Sure enough, Poets&Quants has covered it all. Since 2010, we have viewed our role as helping applicants stand out in admissions, gain insights into how to best invest their time, and develop strategies for finding the right job after graduation. In a nutshell, we outline what’s happening and what it means. That’s particularly true with our school coverage. From A-to-Z — literally Arizona State to Yale SOM — P&Q helps you better understand the latest developments, student experiences, cultural nuances, and unique differentiators of the top programs.

What was the big 2021 news at your target schools? What can you expect as a student at these schools? Here is a school-by-school breakdown of the biggest stories at the top MBA programs (along with profiles of some of the top students at each school).

Page 1: Best & Brightest Profiles To Columbia Business School

Page 2: C-I (Cornell-Indiana Kelley)

Page 3: I-S (INSEAD – SMU Cox)

Page 4: S-Y (Stanford GSB – Yale SOM)


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ASU Carey Dean Amy Hilman Steps Down

ASU Finds A New Dean At Washington University

Haas School of Business


Berkeley Haas Expands Deferred MBA Admission Program

Berkeley Haas Wants To Be The Top B-School For Sustainability

UC Berkeley Haas To Enter Online MBA Space

Don’t Call It An Online MBA: The Facts Behind Berkeley’s New Flex-MBA Option

UC Berkeley Haas Shakes Up Its MBA Core Curriculum

This B-School Is The Go-To Pipeline For Investment Banking

A Berkeley Haas MBA Vows To Keep His Wartime Promise


Boston University’s New Online MBA Is A Big Hit


Cambridge Judge New MBA Essay: Show Your Growth

Cambridge Taps A Wharton Prof For Its New Dean

Tepper School Interior


Tepper Take: Translating Military Skills To An MBA World

Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School Embraces The Intelligent Future

Tepper Take: MBA vs. Army Leadership

Tepper School To Launch Full-Time Business Analytics Degree


CEIBS’ New MBA Director On Getting An MBA In China


Prepare For The MBA Interview With Chicago Booth

Kellogg Grad Student and Booth MBA Turn Love Into A New Venture

Up To 100% Tuition Covered For Chicago Booth MBAs Dedicated To Nonprofit & Public Sectors

The final finishing touches are now being put in place at Columbia Business School’s new campus


CBS Follies: MBAs Bid A Hilarious Goodbye To 2020

Columbia Business School’s Campus Expansion Draws Early Praise

Things You Need To Know If You’re Applying To Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School Gets $75 Million From David Geffen For Its New Campus

Personal MBA Coach: Interview with CBS Admissions Director Jordan Blitzer

Columbia Business School Readies Its $600 Million New Campus For A January 4th Debut

Columbia Business School’s Big Bet On Climate Change

Columbia Business School Looks Towards the Future

Next Page: Cornell-Indiana Kelley

Cornell MBAs with the Big Red Bear


Cornell Johnson Joins Schools Waiving GMATs and GREs For Admission

Starting Salaries Up Almost 6% For Cornell Johnson’s 2020 MBA Graduates

Cornell Connection: The JD-MBA Expectations vs. Reality

The Next Big Thing In Remote: Cornell Tech MBAs Launch Innovative Platforms

Cornell Won’t Make STEM Retroactive For Its 2020 MBAs Leaving Many In The Lurch

He Peeled Potatoes and Plays Hockey: Now He is Dean of Cornell’s Business College

All In The Family: Cornell’s Focus On The Little Guys

Cornell Connection: Learnings From Zoom School For A Real Life MBA

Cornell Closes Ithaca Campus Over COVID


Tips To Convey Your Fit With Dartmouth Tuck

Pulling Back The Curtain On The Dartmouth MBA Curriculum

Myths About Applying For A Dartmouth Tuck MBA


MBAs Tackling The Biggest Issues: Climate Change & EDGE

Full Court Fuqua: Teamwork Produces Dreamwork

The Duke MBA Who Became A Shark

Emory Goizueta Exterior View


An Ambitious B-School Social Impact Center Emerges In The Southern US

Emory’s 2020 MBAs Plead For Retroactive STEM But The School Isn’t Budging

Emory Goizueta Launches New STEM Master of Analytical Finance

Emory Goizueta Enrolls 51 Women In Its 1-Year MBA Program

Atlantalytics: Demystifying Business Analytics

In 2nd Year, Big Changes To Emory Goizueta’s John Lewis Case Competition

Atlantalytics: Work and School and The Transition In Between

Why Emory’s New Student-Run VC Fund Is Dedicated To Minority Entrepreneurs

5 Misconceptions About Atlanta


ESMT Berlin Enters The Online MBA Market With a $30,000 MBA


In The Age of COVID, Georgetown’s MBA Mentorship Program Takes Off

McDonough Musings: Back To A New Normal

Georgetown’s New Degree Tackling, Not Just Talking About, Climate Change

McDonough Musings: Living Life Queer As A Georgetown MBA

Georgetown McDonough’s New Initiative Makes The Business Case For Sustainability

McDonough Musings: International Fest a 2021 Revival Of Vibrant Global Cultures

Thriving In A Complex World: How Georgetown’s New Initiative Is The Future Of Business Education

Harvard Business School, Baker Library


Who Really Hires Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton MBAs These Days

Harvard Business School MBA Hiring Trends: How They Have Changed

11 Myths About Getting Into Harvard Business School

Harvard Law Now More Popular Than Harvard Business School

How To Apply To Harvard Business School For Free

Harvard MBA Essay Samples: How Five Applicants From India Overcame The Odds

Tips For The Harvard Business School Interview

She Applied To Harvard & Stanford With These Two MBA Essays

3 Tips To Stand Out In the Harvard Business School Essay

Approaching The Harvard Business School Essay

2020 MBA Professor Of The Year: Harvard’s Deepak Malhotra

Harvard Business School Data Breach Tests MBA Students

Harvard Business School 2020-2021 MBA Application Deadlines

Harvard Business School Tens of Millions of Dollars To Convert Classrooms To Hybrid Formats

3 Things You Need To Know If You’re Applying To HBS

What Harvard Business School’s New Dean Learned By Talking To Nearly 1000 of the School’s Stakeholders

Harvard MBAs Pilot First Student-Run Impact Investing Fund

Harvard Business School’s Case Method Is Officially 100 Years Old

Harvard Turns Down A Thousand 2+2 MBA Applicants

Harvard Refunded Nearly $5 Million In Tuition To MBA Students

Harvard Business School Faculty Published 70 Cases With Protagonists This Past Year

Ranking Harvard Business School’s Top Alumni In Finance

Was Your MBA Worth It? If You Ask Harvard MBAs That Question, You Know The Answer

How To Ace The HBS Interview: An Insider’s Advice

Busting Harvard Business School Myths: A Candid Conversation

Harvard Business School Moves Classes MBA Classes Online Amid Rising COVID Cases

What A Harvard MBA Rejection Letter Looks Like: What To Except If You Got An Invite

Harvard Business School” Common Mistakes To Avoid

8 Year-Old Wants To Go To Harvard Business School

Harvard Joins Stanford and Others In Moving January Classes Online

HEC Paris


HEC Paris Makes Interim Dean Eloïc Peyrache Permanent

HEC Paris New Dean Will Put Focus On Impact


A New Milestone Awaits Spain’s IE Business School

Will Lee Newman Become The World’s Most Visionary B-School Dean

IE Opens Its United Nations For Higher Education In Madrid


3 Questions To Ask When Torn Between IESE’s MiM or MBA

Application Tips For IESE’s MBA Class of 2022

Why You Should Consider IESE Business School


iConverge: A Love Fest Of Passionate Believers For Gies’ iMBA

Dean of the Year: Jeffrey Brown of the Gies College of Business


The Business School Putting Sustainability At the Center of its MBA

Bloomington features world-class food and entertainment in a small-town setting. Whether you attend a Broadway show at the IU Auditorium or a basketball game at Assembly Hall, explore nature on a nearby hiking trail or ethnic dining options on Fourth Street, you’ll create a memorable college experience in this vibrant community. Stills captured on June 26, 2017.


MBA Program Of The Year: Indiana University’s Kelley Direct Online

$1 Million From Indiana Kelley Alums Creates Minority Fellowship Fund

Kelley Commentaries: What Elon Musk Doesn’t Get About MBAs

A Third Top 25 MBA Program Extends GMAT and GRE Test Waivers

Next Page: INSEAD – SMU Cox

INSEAD’s full-time MBA program took first place for the third time


INSEAD’s Value Proposition In 10 Charts

Four Things INSEAD Looks For In Applicants

COVID’s Impact: At INSEAD, Revenues Plunge 16%

What You Need To Know About Applying to INSEAD In 2021-2022

Inside INSEAD: How A Veterinarian Applied Her Skills In Business School

Pandemic Or Not, INSEAD Students Trek To School’s New San Francisco Hub

What You Need To Know To Get Into INSEAD and LBS

Inside INSEAD: Being a Diversity and Inclusion Representative During COVID

Four Things INSEAD Looks For In Applicants

Inside INSEAD: How INSEAD Helped Us Achieve Our Professional Goals

Prepare For The INSEAD Interview


Poets & Quants Professor Of The Year: LBS’ Alex Edmans

London Business School MBA: A Deeper Transformational Journey

What You Need To Know To Get Into INSEAD and LBS

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor


MBA Program of the Year: Michigan Ross Residential MBA Program

Inside Michigan Ross: Living The Good Life In Ann Arbor

Michigan Ross Receives Anonymous $5 Million Dollar Donation For Ross Scholarship

Michigan Ross Launches New Business Analytics Masters

Francine Lafontaine To Step In As Michigan Ross Interim Dean

Michigan Ross To Continue Test Waivers For MBA Applicants

Newly-Graduated MOMBA Did It All This Year and Then Some

Michigan Ross Receives Over $1 Million For Business Impact Initiative

Michigan Ross Dean DeRue To Step Down

Mystery Solved: Former Michigan Dean Becomes Equinox President

The B-School Professor Who Became A Potato

Is This Top B-School’s New Pre-MBA Program A Threat To the GMAT?

In A Pioneering Venture, Michigan MBA Students Lead The Charge Against Climate Change

The Science of Ross Business: From The Lab To The B-School

The Science of Ross Business: Standing Out In Consulting Recruiting


In The U.S. Midwest, A $100M Model For B-School Scholarships

How The Carlson School Connects Top Research With The MBA Experience


An MBA Admissions Legend Bids Farewell

3 Things You Need To Know If You’re Applying To MIT Sloan

What MIT Sloan Seeks In MBA Applicants

Approaching MIT Sloan’s Pre-Interview Questions


Leading Through COVID: A Business School Dean Tells It Like It Is

Breaking: UNC Makes All Of Its MBA Programs STEM

Full-Time MBA students at the Global Hub on July 12, 2021. -Full-Time MBA students at the Global Hub on July 12, 2021.


How Northwestern Kellogg Became A Social Impact Hub

What You Need To Know About The Kellogg MBA Alumni Interview

Kellogg’s Super Bowl Ad Review: Rating The Ads From An MBA Perspective

This Kellogg MBA Is Helping To Reduce Clothing Waste One Pair Of Jeans At A Time

Want To Get Past The Small Talk? This Kellogg MBA Student Can Help

After Student Protest, Kellogg Increases In-person Hybrid Classes For Spring

Northwestern Gave These Students $45K To Solve A Painful Reality For Older Women

Who Won The World’s Top VC Competition The Answer May Surprise You

Earth Day Brings Big Social Impact News To Kellogg

Kellogg Chronicles: Being A Joint Venture Spouse At Northwestern

Kellogg Bets On Poker Skills To Help Women In The C-Suite

Disrupting Industries: This Kellogg MBA Wants To Help Build Africa’s Tech Infrastructure

Kellogg’s New Admissions Essay Question Share Your Resilience With Us

Kellogg Chronicles: What To Expect During Spring Quarter

Kellogg Board Fellows Program Is A Driver Of Social Change

Pre-MBA Internships: Kellogg Admit Shares Key Lessons

Kellogg’s Admissions Chief Leaving The School

Kellogg Chronicles: Redefining The Search For Mental Health Care

Student Bonding: How One Elite MBA Program Makes Those Vital Connections Happen

Kellogg Becomes 3rd Elite US Business School To Go Remote In January

COVID Backlash At Kellogg: MBA Students Protest Low Volume Of In-Person Classes


Notre Dame’s MBA Programs Go Test Optional

NYU MBA students outside Stern School


NYU Stern Becomes The Latest Player In The Online MBA Space

It’s My Stern: New York Isn’t A City, It’s A World

NYU Stern MBA Uses Game Theory To Forecast World Events

It’s My Stern: My Take On NYU Stern’s Pick Six Essay

NYU Stern’s Center For Business Human Rights: A First For B-Schools Around The World

Speaking Of Stern: New Year, New You

Speaking Of Stern: Building A Legacy of Diversity and Inclusion

Another Elite US Business School Will Keep The Option To Waive The GMAT and GRE

A Topsy-Turvy Year: The Unexpected Challenges A Dream Job For This NYU Stern MBA

Speaking of Stern: My Favorite Things From Business School

NYU Launches Two New Shanghai-Based Business Masters Programs

It’s My Stern: The ROI Of Building Relationships


Ohio State Gets In The Online MBA Game

Oxford Saïd awards a select few Skoll Scholarship each year. Poets&Quants interviewed four who are members of the Saïd MBA Class of 2022. File photo


Oxford Saïd Awards 2 Major Fellowships To ‘Impactful’ LGBTQ Students

Peter Tufano Leaves An Impressive Record At Oxford Saïd

What You Need To Know About Applying To Oxford Saïd

Meet The Oxford Saïd MBA Skoll Scholars


This MBA Student-Run Fund Is A Template For Improving VC Diversity


Another Top 50 Business School Makes Its MBA Program STEM

Next Page: Stanford GSB – Yale SOM

Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA students will soon be back on campus, as the GSB is among the vast majority of U.S. B-schools planning fully in-person classes for the fall quarter. Stanford photo


Who Really Hires Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton MBAs These Days

Stanford ‘s International MBAs of 2021: Where Their Paths Will Lead

Lifting The Curtain On Touchy-Feely: Stanford’s and the World’s Most Iconic MBA Course

Mansion Parties, Tahoe Trips & Wine Weekends: Widespread Covid Rulebreaking Reported At Stanford GSB

Black History Month: Impressions From Stanford MBA Students

Stanford GSB’s Asian Heritage Month Fraught With Meaning

Attitude Is Altitude At Stanford GSB

Our Favorite Commencement Address of 2022: A Stanford MBA Shares Her Grief and Radical Hope

Stanford GSB Warns MBA Applicants About Coaching

My Story From The Paralympics To Stanford GSB

Stanford GSB: 6 Traits That Build Successful Relationships

Stanford GSB Interview: 3 Ways To Embody Leadership

Representation Matters: Embracing Hispanic Heritage At Stanford GSB

Stanford’s Secret Sauce Explained In A Recipe

From Stanford’s Trash Queen: Lessons About Startup Failure

Stanford GSB Interview: 3 Ways To Embody Leadership

Veterans Day: More MBAs With Military Backgrounds Find Their Place At Stanford

Omicron Strikes: Stanford Moves first two weeks of January Classes Online

Harvard and Stanford MBA Interview Advice

She Applied To Harvard & Stanford With These Two MBA Essays


After 99 years, Texas McCombs Hires First-Ever Woman Dean

Rotman student at work with Toronto in the background


Finance Professor Wins Dean’s Job At Toronto Rotman

Rotman Review: Preparing For A Future Of Machine Learning

Wanted: More Diversity In Canada’s Premier B-School

Rotman Review: How Academic Research Makes MBAs More Valuable

Rotman Review: Building Your Own Time Portfolio


UCLA Prof Sues The B-School For Putting Him On Leave Over Racial Blowup


USC Marshall Team Wins First Major Racial Justice Case Competition

$20 Million Dollar Gift Enables USC Marshall TO Launch Global Supply Chain Institute


First Look at Vanderbilt’s Major Campus Renovation Plans

Vanderbilt Eliminates Dual BBA-MBA Program

The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville


UVA Darden Extends Test Optional Policy For 2021-2022

UVA Darden Is Launching A Part-Time MBA In Washington DC

New Darden Scholarship Initiative Aimed At Attracting Diverse Candidates To PE-VC-Hedge Fund Jobs


Washington Olin Launches $79K Online MBA With A Digital Focus


Washington Foster’s Rising Tide of Consulting Interest

Another Top 25 Business School Goes Test Optional For 2022

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia


12 Charts That Tell The Wharton MBA Story

Why Wharton Should Take Back Trump’s Business Degree

Living On Locust: Entrepreneurship – Winning The Jacobson Global Venture Award

Living On Locust: Surviving Year One Of Business School

Who Really Hires Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton MBAs These Days

Why This Wharton Professor Is Running For the U.S. Senate

Wharton Virtual Team-Based Discussions: How To Prepare

Living On Locust: Iceland LIV – Lauder Intercultural Venture


Yale SOM Pre-Interview Questions

Why Now Is A Great Time To Apply To Yale SOM

How I Found A Great Finance School At Yale SOM

Masters At Yale: My Journey To The Yale School of Management

Why Yale SOM Is Opening Its Doors To More International Students


These 17 Business Schools Are On McKinsey’s List For MBA Recruits

These 28 Business Schools Are On BCG’s Target List For MBA Recruits

These 40 Business Schools Are On Bain’s Target List For MBA Recruits

Graduates of master’s in management programs share their experiences


Meet The Masters Of Accounting

Meet The Masters Of Management

Meet The Masters Of Marketing

Meet The Masters Of Finance

Meet The Masters Of Business Analytics

Meet The Masters Of Supply Chain Management

2021 Centrecourt Masters Alum


2021-2022 MBA Application Deadlines

Most Interesting New MBA Courses At Leading U.S. Business Schools

All The New Professors At The Top 25 Business Schools

Awesome MBA Traditions At Top Business Schools

Biggest Myths About Your Favorite Business Schools

Favorite MBA Professors of the Class of 2021

20 Biggest Regrets of MBA Students

Getting An MBA In One of the Most Livable Cities In America

Top HBCU Feeders To US MBA Programs




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