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McDonald's Is Giving Away a $12,500 Bling Mac Ring

Madison Feller
Photo credit: YouTube/McDonald's


This Valentine's Day, do you want to treat yourself? Do you want to get something that makes you think, "wow, I'm a boss woman who deserves the finer things in life"? Do you want something that will make people say, "that's so YOU!" Well, McDonald's is here to fulfill all your wildest fantasies with their brand-new, $12,500 Bling Mac ring.

It's true! This Valentine's Day McDonald's is giving away one extra sparkly ring that looks exactly like a Big Mac. Delicious.

Photo credit: YouTube/McDonald's

The ring (or as I affectionally call it: The One Ring to Rule Them All) has the components of your typical McDonald's burger: two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion, and sesame seed bun. Except, the 18-karat ring is also encrusted with champagne diamonds, orange sapphires and "other diamonds and sapphires."