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McLaren F1 Designer Confirms City Car for 2016

George Kennedy

Anyone with a deep understanding of all things automotive knows that the McLaren F1 resides in the pantheon of vehicular greatness. It is on the short list of truly must-have supercars. It’s speed was unmatched at the time, its design is timeless, and its designer has now created a vehicle on the opposite end of the spectrum- a diminutive city car.

Gordon Murray was the man behind the F1, which held the record of “Fastest Production Car” for more than ten years, usurped by the Bugatti Veyron. But Murray’s metrics are no longer horsepower and miles per hour. They are now MPG and seating capacity, as he has now announced a pair of city cars, the T.25 and T.27 slated for production in 2016.

00-Gordon Murray T25

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The two vehicles are largely similar: small city cars that, incredibly, can seat three. Just like in his iconic F1, the driver sits in the center, flanked by a recessed seat on either side. The entire front of the cabin tilts forward, much like some semi-trucks, allowing for easy entry and exit for all three occupants.

Where the two models differ is in propulsion. The T.25 features a hyper-efficient three-cylinder gasoline engine, while the T.27 features an electric powertrain. Also, word is that these city cars will feature exotic production techniques, likely lessons from Murray’s revolutionary McLaren F1. With a production date of 2016, we will have plenty of time to speculate on just how these vehicles will be built and if they will be a hit in crowded cities.