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McLaren P1 Spotted Sporting a Silver Getup [video]

Jeff Perez

The McLaren P1 is easily one of the most hyped supercars of the century. A spiritual successor to the F1, a twin-turbocharged hybrid drivetrain complete with 903-hp, and one of the smoothest most sophisticated looking hypercars in recent history. There’s a lot to work with.

As of late though, we’ve only seen the P1 in either an orange or yellow paint scheme, mostly finding itself atop a stage of some fancy get together (or broken down in front of a bunch of people). Now, our friends at Supercar Driver caught the P1 looking rather handsome in a simple silver on silver getup.

Rumor has it that this could very well be the first customer-bought P1 in existence, complete with a set of UK plates. We’re not entirely sure, but if so- one down, 374 to go.

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