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MedCareLive.com Offers Online Doctor Visits for the Sick and Injured

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2013) - With the planned implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) early next year, there is a growing worry about an upcoming doctor shortage resulting from the massive amount of new patients set to enter the health care market. These concerns are not without merit and according to the Los Angeles Times, only 16 of California's 58 counties currently meet the government's recommendation for primary care physicians. These types of shortfalls also exist nationwide.

As a result, a California-based company, MedCareLive.com, has launched a service offering online doctor visits for sick and injured patients seeking medical attention.

MedCareLive.com brings healthcare into the homes and offices of its patients. The service connects providers and patients with a live, immediate face-to-face visit using a secure Skype™ like interaction. The patient's throat, eyes and skin can be well visualized by the provider which helps provide a truly meaningful encounter that can bypass the barriers of time, location and mobility.

MedCareLive.com can be used for non-urgent medical conditions. This is a more affordable and accessible option than going to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Some examples for which patients may use this service include colds, coughs, aches and pains, minor injuries, skin conditions and medical advice. It is also helpful for last-minute medication refills. A record of the encounter can easily be shared with the patient's regular doctor via email at his or her request.

To use the service, patients will need webcam access through a tablet, phone or computer. After securely logging into the site, they will be charged $45 for an initial 10-minute video consultation. If the provider determines the condition cannot be treated online, the patient will be advised to seek immediate in-person medical care. In that scenario, any monies paid will be refunded. However, based on years of emergency room experience, the medical professionals at MedCareLive.com have been able to assist the majority of patients they see.

"We are here to offer another option to those who may have a difficult time accessing medical care," says Sigi Marmorstein, Nurse Practitioner and founder of MedCareLive.com.

She added, "We are not competing with current health care providers, ERs or clinics. Rather, we would like to fill the growing number of gaps that exist in the healthcare system and provide complimentary services."

Currently, MedCareLive.com is being offered to California patients only, but plans are in place for a nationwide rollout in the near future.

For more information, visit http://www.MedCareLive.com or call 1-888-966-0926.