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Media Advisory: Governor General to Invest 39 Recipients Into the Order of Military Merit

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec 10, 2012) - His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, will preside over an Order of Military Merit investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall, on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. The Governor General will bestow the honour on one Commander, seven Officers and 31 Members.

This year marked the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Order of Military Merit. Created in 1972, the Order of Military Merit recognizes meritorious service and devotion to duty by members of the Canadian Forces. The Order honours them for their commitment to Canada, according to the following three levels of membership: Commander (C.M.M.), Officer (O.M.M.) and Member (M.M.M.).

A media schedule for the investiture ceremony, the list of recipients and additional information on the Order of Military Merit are attached.

Media who would like to interview recipients are asked to contact the Department of National Defence. Those wishing to cover the ceremony are asked to inform the Rideau Hall Press Office and must arrive at the Princess Anne Entrance no later than 10:15 a.m., on the day of the event.

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Media are asked to observe the following schedule:

10:30 a.m.: Ceremony begins
  The Governor General speaks 
  The Governor General presents the insignia
  (Commanders first, followed by Officers and Members)
  The Chief of the Defence Staff speaks
11:30 a.m.: Interviews with recipients



Major-General Christian Rousseau, C.M.M., C.D.   Chief of Defence Intelligence
Ottawa, Ont.


Colonel Kirby Abbott, O.M.M., C.D.   Office of Judge Advocate General
Ottawa, Ont.
Captain(N) Cyd Courchesne, O.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters
Ottawa, Ont.
Major-General Michael Day, O.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Headquarters
Ottawa, Ont.
Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Farris, O.M.M., C.D.   4 Health Services Group Headquarters
Montréal, Que.
Major Michael Fawcett, O.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Contingent Alaskan Norad Region Headquarters
Elmendorf, U.S.A.
Lieutenant-Colonel Telah Morrison, O.M.M., C.D.   35 Quebec Service Battalion
Québec, Que.
Colonel Pierre Ruel, O.M.M., C.D.   Office of Deputy Commander, North American Aerospace Defence Command
Colorado Springs, U.S.A.


Master Warrant Officer Jorg Adler, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Support Unit Europe Detachment United Kingdom
Belleville, Ont.
Chief Warrant Officer Haley Bransfield, M.M.M., C.D.   1 Service Battalion
Edmonton, Alta.
Chief Warrant Officer Claude Chouinard, M.M.M., C.D.   Armour School
Oromocto, N.B.
Warrant Officer Peter Dingle, M.M.M., C.D.   Land Force Area Training Centre Detachment Aldershot
Kentville, N.S.
Captain Lorne Doucet, M.M.M., C.D.   The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School
Oromocto, N.B.
Master Warrant Officer Shane Holwell, M.M.M., C.D.   Joint Task Force Pacific Headquarters
Victoria, B.C.
Chief Warrant Officer Pierrot Jetté, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Base Borden
Borden, Ont.
Master Warrant Officer Serge Laforge, M.M.M., C.D.   1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters
Winnipeg, Man.
Lieutenant Horace Lane, M.M.M., C.D.   5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group
Gander, N.L.
Master Warrant Officer Claude Lavoie, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School
Richelain, Que.
Warrant Officer Wayne Lundrigan, M.M.M., C.D.   1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Shilo, Man.
Chief Warrant Officer Dianne Maidment, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Atlantic
Halifax, N.S.
Master Warrant Officer Alain Marcil, M.M.M., C.D.   1st Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment
Courcelette, Que.
Chief Warrant Officer Deborah Matthews, M.M.M., C.D.   14 Wing
Greenwood, N.S.
Chief Warrant Officer Robert McCann, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Support Unit Europe
Belleville, Ont.
Warrant Officer Patricia-Joanne Mears, M.M.M., C.D.   19 Wing
Lazo, B.C.
Chief Warrant Officer Jean-Pierre Morin, M.M.M., C.D.   1 Wing Headquarters
Kingston, Ont.
Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Moyer, M.M.M., C.D.   Fort Hood
Texas, U.S.A.
Chief Warrant Officer Derek Munroe, M.M.M., C.D.   The Ontario Regiment, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
Oshawa, Ont.
Petty Officer 1st Class Linda Parrish, M.M.M., C.D.   Her Majesty''s Canadian Ship Calgary
Victoria, B.C.
Master Warrant Officer Paul Pinel, M.M.M., C.D.   1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Shilo, Man.
Petty Officer 1st Class David Poole, M.M.M., M.S.M., C.D.   Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic)
Shearwater, N.S.
Master Warrant Officer Patrick Richer, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Base Area/Support Unit Valcartier
Courcellette, Que.
Master Warrant Officer Claude Rodrigue, M.M.M., C.D.   12e Régiment blindé du Canada
Courcelette, Que.
Warrant Officer Dominic Roux, M.M.M., C.D.   5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signals Squadron
Courcelette, Que.
Sergeant James Smallbones, M.M.M., C.D.   Canadian Forces Base Suffield
Medicine Hat, Alta.
Chief Warrant Officer Robert Unger, M.M.M., C.D.   The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada
Montréal, Que.
Captain Jonathan Utton, M.M.M., C.D.   Office of Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
Ottawa, Ont.
Chief Warrant Officer Chadley Wagar, M.M.M., C.D.   5e Régiment d''artillerie légère du Canada
Courcelette, Que.
Petty Officer 1st Class Paul Walsh, M.M.M., C.D.   Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic
Shearwater, N.S.
Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Stephen Wood, M.M.M., C.D.   Sea Training (Atlantic)
Halifax, N.S.

Please note that the information in this media advisory was provided by the Department of National Defence and reflects the rank and posting of the members at the time of their nomination.


The Order of Military Merit recognizes distinctive merit and exceptional service displayed by the men and women of the Canadian Forces, both Regular and Reserve. Many have demonstrated dedication and devotion beyond the call of duty, and the Order honours them for their commitment to Canada, according to the following three levels:

The level of Commander (post-nominal:C.M.M.) recognizes outstanding meritorious service and demonstrated leadership in duties of great responsibility.

The level of Officer (post-nominal:O.M.M.) recognizes outstanding meritorious service in duties of responsibility.

The level of Member (post-nominal:M.M.M.) recognizes exceptional service or performance of duty.

Eligibility and Nominations

A commanding officer or a military advisory committee (for ranks of colonel and above) recommends to the chief of the Defence Staff the names of those serving members of the Canadian Forces, both Regular and Reserve, they consider eligible. The chief of the Defence Staff then submits the names to the governor general for approval.

The number of appointments per year is limited to one-tenth of one per cent of the average number of persons who were members of the Canadian Forces during the previous year. In 2009, for instance, 111 appointments were made. There are no posthumous appointments.

Recipients may be promoted within the Order. They must exchange their insignia for that which corresponds to the new level, since no member may hold more than one appointment at any time.

The Order''s constitution permits members of the armed forces of another country to be appointed as honorary Commanders, Officers and Members. Appointments are made for outstanding meritorious service to Canada or to the Canadian Forces in the performance of military duties.