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MediaHint Launches a Smart DNS Service to Unblock Digital Content Around the World

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 27, 2015) -   MediaHint, the first company to let people access restricted TV, video, music, and information, including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, and more from anywhere in the world using its selective proxy system, today announced a smart Domain Name System (DNS) service. The new service opens up digital content to people around the world, allowing them access using any device, from any location.

MediaHint, created in a Garage48 hackathon in Riga, Latvia, is already the fastest growing service of its kind: A movement with momentum to the tune of more than one million users in over 192 countries and territories. The MediaHint Smart DNS Service complements the company's browser extension to create one of the most comprehensive platforms for helping viewers access their content on the market today.

"This Content is not Available in Your Region!"

Globally, media is often blocked or geo-restricted by owners or distributors. Governments also block or censor content for social, political, or cultural reasons. The result for users is that they can't watch, listen to, or read what they want because of where they travel or where they live. Accessing this media means using technology to bypass geographic constraints. MediaHint was the first to use selective proxying through browser extensions to unblock geo-restricted content, creating a faster and more reliable alternative to VPNs.

"We fundamentally believe that people worldwide have the equal right to access content no matter where they live. The internet should be an open access forum," said MediaHint's Founder, Eriks Remess. "The Open Internet and Net Neutrality movement to access media globally has grown dramatically in recent months. Introducing our smart DNS service furthers our mission to enable anyone, anywhere, their right to access the best content from around the world, no matter where they live and what geographic constraints might be in place. This movement is about equal rights to media and information worldwide."

Using MediaHint's browser extension and smart DNS service, users can now access content on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, tablets, smart TVs, gaming systems, routers, and more.

For more information on MediaHint, please visit https://mediahint.com/

About The Benefits of Selective Proxying
Selective proxying is far superior to traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) and proxying solutions. While there are many disadvantages to using a VPN when streaming, downloading, or accessing blocked or region-restricted content, the largest disadvantage is that they are incredibly slow.

This slowness happens once a user connects to a VPN and all of their network traffic is sent and rerouted through the VPN. All of their internet traffic then slows down and ultimately results in a slow and/or poor quality stream. MediaHint chose to build its offering with selective proxying technology to allow only the urls/domains required to unblock and relay the content through MediaHint's servers, resulting in the user's ability to stream and download content faster and of higher quality.

Other benefits include:

  • Strong compatibility across devices: VPNs use a complex system to establish a single VPN tunnel between a user's device and restricted content. MediaHint's solution does not, which makes it much more compatible with all types of devices.
  • Easy setup and install: A connection to MediaHint's service does not require a complicated software installation or manual configuration (either of which is necessary when streaming blocked content using alternate methods).
  • Less expensive: MediaHint's service starts at $3.95/month, which is typically much less than traditional VPN services.

MediaHint is an advocate of the Open Internet and Net Neutrality movements and believes that an open internet is best and that eliminating geo-blocking and censorship will create a global content catalogue that brings people closer together.

About MediaHint
MediaHint helps people all over the world, regardless of location, access the digital content they enjoy, on any device, at anytime, through an easy-to-use smart DNS service and Proxy as a browser extension, regardless of geo-restriction and country censorships. Founded as a Garage48 Hackathon project in Latvia in late 2012, and monetized in 2014 to expand offerings, MediaHint is used by over one million people in 192 countries and territories. MediaHint is led by a team of software professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs and is a strong proponent of the #OpenInternet and #NetNeutrality movements. Visit https://mediahint.com/ or follow us on Twitter @Media_Hint to learn more.