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Medipacker Announces Opening a Community for Its Life Saving Initiative

BraineHealth is to build a Medipacker platform where its members can share their experiences and expertise.

BraineHealth, an initiative focusing on bringing AI-powered solutions to healthcare, is creating an online community to strengthen its Medipacker mission through peer-to-peer support.

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BraineHealth, an initiative striving to provide AI-driven solutions to the medical industry, plays host to its inclusive community of Medipackers.

The Medipacker project is BraineHealth's humanitarian education program that aims to equip backpackers with the tools and knowledge needed to assist people living in vulnerable communities.

The Medipackers will be able to communicate with one another through a network developed by BraineHealth. This community exists so that Medipackers can easily reach out to one another. Thus, they are able to learn and share vital knowledge for what they do.

The Medipackers already have both Facebook and Twitter groups at their disposal to connect with one another. However, they will soon have access to BraineHealth's unique platform with features that were designed to facilitate cooperation between Medipackers.

Joining the community is entirely free of charge, and in time, you can progress to become a more prominent member, ranging from Beginner to Professional. To move up in rank, you need to earn so-called badges, which serve as a testament to your skills and contributions.

BraineHealth's platform specialized to accommodate Medipackers will work similarly to Facebook. Its participants will be free to post and speak with each other about topical matters. They may also upload files and media for others on the site to see. However, the network will only be available to fully-fledged Medipackers.

All applicants that want to learn more about the Medipacker project are welcome to enroll with the Medipacker Academy and join this community of altruistic backpackers.


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