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Medix Wellness Launches a New Cannabis Product Line Legal in All 50 States

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the cannabis industry continues to grow in today's society, a new company by the name of Medix CBD has also been gaining increasing popularity. The company has spent years conducting research in order to understand how and why CBD works.

Medix CBD Oil - 100% Natural Flavor THC-Free

Medix CBD is setting out to provide a high quality, safe and reliable contribution to the world with their products. With more and more research everyday claiming that CBD is providing pain relief with no side effects. In an industry with no regulations, Medix CBD has made it their mission to protect the CBD industry by only providing the highest quality.

As stated by their CEO Miguel Lozano - "At Medix, we want to change the way people view natural medicine and show them that harsh chemicals do not have to be the answer."

Medix CBD is proud to offer CBD that complies with the 2014 farm bill such as CBD oils, edibles, and topical pain creams. Their products are legal across all fifty states, USA-made, and produced with USA made & federally legal cannabidiol (CBD).

Medix CBD's hemp is harvested from the finest farms in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Quality is of the utmost importance to them. That's why all of their products are chemical free. They make sure to first conduct extensive lab tests to ensure that every single ingredient is 100% pure. Their CBD is extracted only from the finest hemp cultivations, ensuring a superior quality.

Medix manufactures their CBD in the most modern facilities with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. From process to packaging, there is a streamlined system and clean production protocol to serve customers 24/7. Whether it be a personal or store order, Medix is fast, efficient, and reliable, fulfilling's customer's needs promptly and thoroughly. Products are distributed nationwide and are legal in all fifty states.

Medix sincerely cares about the happiness of each and every customer. It is their goal to provide an experience that will leave people feeling supported and satisfied. If you are more interested in Medix CBD and its products, feel free to visit www.medixcbd.com and use the code: MEDIXCBD for an exclusive discount available to our readers.


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