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Meet Ayesha Hussain: The Founder of Reset Body Goals Who Launched A Business In The Middle Of The COVID Pandemic

·5 mins read

Developing A Business In The Midst of COVID-19

BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 8, 2020 / The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many businesses to a standstill and economic downturn due to the self-isolation and stay-at-home health advisories. In the midst of all this, Ayesha Hussain took the bold leap of faith to start and develop a business that has been thriving beyond expectations.

Ayesha and her family migrated to the US in 1996, when Ayesha was still very young. She did not think deeply about the opportunities that living in the US gave her until after she had graduated from college and decided that she needed to find purpose. In 2015, Ayesha went on a personal journey to discover her highest self and to live to be the best version of herself.

Ayesha began to diligently and consciously improve her mind and her body with self-discipline, health, and wellness.

However, in 2018, storms threatened to knock her down. Her mother was diagnosed to have metastatic breast cancer, stage 4. Although the cancer was cured in 2019, the complications of treatment almost took her mother's life. Her mother was advised by a physician to be on chemotherapy for the rest of her life. But thankfully, as of today, Ayesha's mother is no longer on chemotherapy.

Ayesha was by her mother's side from the diagnosis of cancer to her ongoing journey to recovery. She lost her grandmother to breast cancer, as well. Seeing her mother's strength, perseverance, and determination to recover, Ayesha was inspired to take her journey of self-improvement and optimal health even more seriously.

Ayesha's Stand Against All Illnesses

Ayesha realized that she could not cure all disease, however, she is determined to do her part in raising awareness for all individuals to be more conscious about their overall health and to take more safety precautions against disease.

Her lifelong purpose is to use her platforms of Lifestyle Influencer on Social Media, YouTube Content Creator, and entrepreneurship to promote optimal health. She encourages and inspires people to strive to become their best selves - inside and out.

The Start Of Something New

Ayesha began Reset Body Goals by making self-investments. She had to package and ship orders via Amazon. Thankfully, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, kept the empire functioning despite the difficulties in the pandemic. Ayesha directed healthy lifestyle campaigns and marketing on social media while living the same lifestyle that she encouraged in others. She is determined to live all the products and doctrines she preaches.

Before the launching of her products, she spent time discussing with vendors and manufacturers until very early hours in the morning, as there were many unforeseen delays due to COVID19, as well as the grueling trial and error that comes with the sampling of products.

Ayesha's business success took off like a whirlwind, despite the hardships of working during a pandemic. Her original plan was to launch her products by September 2020, however, the campaign was such a tremendous success, especially during the quarantine! Ayesha rolled her sleeves and sped up her timeline to release products in June 2020.

Since release, Reset Body Goals has continued to grow and expand, without any definite, intricate planning. People identify with the need to be the best versions of themselves, and Reset Body Goals provides that.

Reset Body Goals

Reset Body Goals is a brand focused on improving health. The average person does not think too deeply about health. Many people desire to live healthier lifestyles but have no clue about how or where to begin.

This brand offers the Ultimate Body Reset Cleanse and the Reset Body Sauna Band to help anyone reach their health goals. The Ultimate Body Reset Cleanse is a tea made with herbal ingredients that are naturally sourced, and it functions primarily to flush toxins from the body. All diseases begin in the gut. This tea cleanses the gastrointestinal system - the intestines, the lymph nodes, and the liver. The benefits include increased immunity, energy, healthy skin, and weight loss, and metabolism. The Reset Body Sauna Sweat Band gets rid of unwanted abdominal fat and water weight. It increases the temperature at the body core to promote more calorie burn during workouts. Together with healthy dieting, these products are the ultimate jumpstart you need for a healthy lifestyle. Reset Body Goals offer lifestyle services to promote self-care, confidence, and self-awareness.

Reset Body Goals is Ayesha's personal project to help her mother's journey to a healthier lifestyle, as well as the results of many years of soul-searching for the best methods to be emotionally and physically healthy. It is a movement born out of resilience and survival.

The Future of Reset Body Goals

Reset Body Goals is set to increase and diversify its merchandise. It seeks to further the campaign to reach men and women. Ayesha is working on creative ways to encourage, support, and engage people in achieving healthier lifestyles.

"Pain is power - use it to help the world." - Author unknown⠀⠀⠀⠀

Instagram: @resetbodygoals/ @ayesha.mariah


Far Fetch Go, LLC
(518) 241 5961

Interviewed and Written by Bianca Senat

SOURCE: Reset Body Goals

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