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Meet The Business Leaders Who Are Driving Positive Change In Their Industries

BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2020 / Business leaders are known to be individuals that set the pace for the future. These individuals motivate and inspire thousands of minds to work towards common goals that are aimed at transforming the way we look at our world today.

This article spotlights some of these innovative leaders, discusses how they've transformed their industries, and sheds light on their achievements so far. Let's have a look at them.

-Michael Steve Levine

Instagram: officialmichaellevine

Michael Steve Levine is the founder of two multimillion-dollar companies: Global Food Solutions; a firm that develops healthy food products, and LineCor Distribution Solutions, a firm that provides scalable third-party logistics and distribution services.

Michael is also a two-time alumnus of Johnson & Wales University (JWU), having completed degrees in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management and Entrepreneurship.

Since the founding of both his companies, over 500 million individual portions of their branded products have been served to students and they plan to keep expanding until their products are in all schools across America.

Michael's dynamic approach to food solutions and his passionate drive to work with kids to fulfill a vision to bring a healthy and sustainable change in the food industry has earned him a spot on our list of individuals making a difference in their industries.

-Dylan Mullan

Instagram: dyllanmullan

Dylan Mullan is the founder of Happy Skin Co, the highest-rated at-home IPL hair removal handset worldwide.

Years ago, one wouldn't think that Dylan would be the creator of such revolutionary devices as he yearned to be a lawyer. It wasn't until he started taking classes at the university that he realized the "Legal lifestyle" wasn't for him.

Once Dylan came to that realization, he set out to be an actor, took an acting course, and spent five years as a professional actor. Again, Dylan found himself wanting more. He wanted to accomplish things that hadn't been done before and he knew acting wasn't going to get him there. After much thought, Dylan came to the conclusion that he was going to revolutionize the Beauty industry. So he and his partner set out to do just that.

The beauty industry was already saturated with a lot of products, making it difficult for Dylan and his partner to set themselves apart. During the research process, Dylan noticed something interesting. He found out that professional hair removal procedures were extremely expensive. And this gave him a great idea.

Over the course of 3 months, Dylan and his partner worked effortlessly building a product that would solve that problem, and they did! With the help of his partner, some strategic decisions, lots of hard work, and valuable market research, Dylan was able to grow his at-home hair removal business from $0 to $20 million in just two years and become the notable individual he is today.

-Austin Varley

Instagram: austinevarley

Born and raised a hustler in the desert of Arizona, Austin Varley is an individual who started his entrepreneurial journey by simply doing arduous everyday tasks such as washing cars for individuals.

Today, Austin has scaled his advertising agency, Fitclubadvertising, to six figures. Apart from this, Austin has connected with high-level performers, helped empower dozens of kids by teaching them to leverage social media to make money on their own terms and has generated over $1 million in sales for his clients.

Right now, Austin's focus is on making the world a better place. He plans to do this with his new firm, Live Your Lifestyle. Live Your Lifestyle is an educational platform that teaches you things not ordinarily taught in school such as credit, taxes, business, and how to turn your lifestyle into a source of income. This new firm is set to disrupt the way people live and is going to bring a massive impact on our world.

-Amber Morningstar

Instagram: dropset.gorgeous

Amber Morningstar is a bikini bodybuilding competitor, systems and operations expert, and the CEO of Dropset Gorgeous LLC. Her passion for entrepreneurship started at GUESS, a small clothing brand in her hometown of Ontario Canada where she turned the business around from 1 of the lowest-performing stores in the country to 1 of the highest profit locations in all of Canada.

A self-proclaimed "spreadsheet and systems nerd" Amber decided to take her talents to fitness entrepreneurs when she started her own online business in 2018, serving as the "Virtual COO" of her client's companies. She has worked with and scaled over 45 businesses, including helping 10 clients go from 6 figures to 7 figures in less than a year of working with them. In 2019, she increased a client's revenue from $230k to $1M.

Amber serves her clients as a hiring manager, master-systems operator, and funnel builder. The sales funnels she has built for her clients have made well over $1M in revenue.

Recently, Amber started offering a limited capacity 1-1 Mentorship for entrepreneurs in the mid-5-figures to low 6-figures who want to dial in their business strategy and systems.

-Thomas Despin

Instagram: thomasdespin

Thomas Despin is a 28-year-old entrepreneur from France. His hard work and perseverance have helped him make close to $1M in dropshipping in just 11 months.

After living in Indonesia for over 3 years, Thomas now lives on a tiny private island- Buka Buka island in Central Sulawesi where he founded Reconnect. Reconnect is a private island eco-retreat that enables visitors to connect to themselves, nature, and one another.

Reconnect offers an authentic and immersive island experience to its visitors. It has the adventurous facilities for its visitors including living in the luxury bungalows or glamping tents, observing the marine life through snorkeling, or paddling around the island in traditional kayaks. However, it also allows visitors to experience the day to day life of the locals on the island by joining them in climbing through the forest to get fresh water, learning from the locals how to make coconut oil, growing food in a permaculture garden, planting trees, transplanting corals and much more.

Thomas is also the founder of The Island Fund, on a mission to help western investors legally setting up their own sustainable paradise in remote islands of Indonesia. With The Island Fund, Thomas focuses both on land conservation and sustainable development.

Thomas' project with Reconnect definitely tells us he's a man that cares about a positive impact on the community. He is purpose-driven and loves meeting with new people so feel free to reach out to him on hi@reconnect.id

-Christianna Hurt:

Instagram: christiannahurt

Christianna Hurt is the owner and creator of Wealthycollegekid, a seven-figure e-commerce education platform, and the co-owner of magic skin-potion, an all-natural luxury skincare line. She's also the face of Boss Palace which did a million dollars in revenue in just 18 days in April 2020.

Christianna Hurt is a UCF student and graduate. At the age of 25, she has enrolled over 40,000 people in wealthycollegekid and boss palace. She teaches people how to source for their own product and provides them with a vendors list. She also teaches branding and online advertising. But that's not all, the program also teaches people how to balance and maintain a suitable lifestyle even as a student mom and as an everyday adult. Christianna Hurt prides herself on being 100% original.

Some of her biggest accomplishments involve making a million dollars in 18days in April 2020. She did this while the world was experiencing a pandemic, and showed us that there was no limit to what you can achieve as long as you set your mind to it. She has also been on Jubilee twice and has gotten over 45,000 students enrolled on wealthycollegekid.

She's recently working on expanding her brands into mainstream faces we see every day when we pick up our phones.

-Ebenezer Frimpong:

Instagram: ebefrimpong

Ebenezer Frimpong is a 24-year-old Ghanaian American digital marketer who specializes in Google Advertising. He was born in Cape Coast, Ghana but was raised and currently lives in Columbus, OH. Ebenezer Frimpong has been building e-commerce brands using the drop shipping fulfillment model since 2014/2015. He's well known for selling high ticket products that cost an average of $1000.

In 2019, he generated over $1.4M in sales. He was also able to take a brand from $0 in sales to over $300k in sales in 60days. That wasn't all, he was able to generate $90K in sales while spending $3K on Google Ads.

So far in 2020, he has taken a brand from $0 in sales to $114K in sales in just 21 days with a 5% conversion which is 3% higher than the industry average. In April, he generated over $100K in a single day. He and his partner were also able to $600K in sales in less than 45 days. What makes this so amazing is that it was achieved when the world was literally experiencing a pandemic.

Ebenezer and his partner have been working on their brand automation service called EcomNerds. Where clients pay them to build an e-commerce brand and essentially run the entire business.

-George Thomas McCormick

Instagram: GeorgeMcCormick

George Thomas McCormick is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from London, U.K, and the founder of SOAR; a full-funnel advertising agency that helps businesses grow by leveraging the power of Facebook & Instagram ads.

SOAR is an ROI focused agency that has made it a statute not to charge clients unless they have a profitable campaign. And as crazy as it might seem, this is how they've operated since inception in 2018.

So far, George has helped more than 500 brands scale since he started his agency and it's really remarkable that he's done this so early in his career. Right now, SOAR is looking to explore other markets such as Latin America, where there's real potential for them to rapidly grow businesses.

-Alyson Eastman

Instagram: remedyplantlab

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson Eastman has always had an affinity towards nature, plants, and natural remedies. She started her first business, a sustainable fashion brand named after her, Alyson Eastman, five years ago. As she started the exciting journey of becoming a designer and business owner, the stress started to affect her quality of life. Alyson has always been extremely conscientious of what she put into my body, so she researched ways to manage her stress levels and CBD piqued her interest.

After concluding the research, Alyson tried CBD and instantly felt better. She immediately felt the need to share her new discovery with the world. However, she quickly learned that there is a lot of deception and confusion in the world of cannabis. She wanted to make a product with clean and simple ingredients that all consumers could trust. Thus Remedy Plant Lab was born.

Remedy Plant Lab's mission is to help individuals cope with the aches, pains, and stress that come from everyday life. Their hemp is thoughtfully grown in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and extracted & bottled in Washington state. So far, Remedy Plant Lab has helped a variety of individuals, from entrepreneurs coping with newfound stress of running a business to those who suffer from arthritis and muscle pain, it's these kind stories that motivate founder Alyson Eastman to get up and keep on moving her firm forward each day.

Remedy Plant Lab will be launching a new tincture very soon with flavors of ginger and black pepper. They are doing this in hopes of providing more value to their customers and spreading the knowledge of CBD to individuals who are in dire need of it.

-Austin Weatherhead

Instagram: Austin Weatherhead

Austin Weatherhead is a 20-year-old entrepreneur and copywriter. He services companies in the health and wellness industry by advertising their products and services. Austin's diligence provides higher returns than most copywriters simply because of his systematic approach to work.

Austin has sold over $800,000 online for his clients in the past ten months alone. He has also written for multiple reputable 6 and 7 figure businesses.

He has a passion for advertising and although his advertising has been seen by thousands if not millions of people, he is still on a mission to help as many companies in the health sector as he possibly can throughout his career.

Currently, he's working on bringing true direct response marketing to larger companies in the health sector. He is targeting larger 7-figure companies and using his unique services to scale their businesses over the next 12 months.

Austin Weatherhead is very open-minded and would love to meet new people. Reach out to him on here.

-Sophie Zollmann:

Instagram: thesophiezo

Sophie Zollmann is a Certified Online Business Manager, a Certified Social Media Manager, and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist. She's also a member of the International Association of Online Business Managers.

Sophie Zollmann is the secret weapon behind many small businesses. She has been referred to as a "right-hand woman", an "implementation ninja", and a "trusted partner". She has a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs hit their goals. She loves to build strategies, systems, products/services, the marketing, and team needed to grow and scale a small business.

In 2019, she went from a solopreneur to a plug and play implementation team business which allowed her to support as many business owners as possible in virtually any industry so they can grow, streamline and create the life they desire.

When she's not checking off task lists and implementing strategies, she loves to spend time with her husband and family at the beach. She's also a die-hard Harry Potter fan, and one of her favorite places on earth is Universal Studios, Harry Potter.

-Lucas Alyward

Instagram: Lucasaylward

Lucas Aylward is an innovative entrepreneur currently situated in St. John's, Newfoundland. Lucas is also a seasoned athlete with ten years of experience in the Fitness Industry.

Lucas' firm, SkySoar Marketing is a marketing firm whose focus is on helping Fitness and Health businesses rapidly increase their sales and traffic with social media advertising.

So far, SkySoar Marketing has helped multiple gyms, online coaches, and online fitness businesses optimize and scale their marketing campaigns. They've also broken revenue records for these businesses.

Right now, SkySoar Marketing is in the process of launching a 2nd podcast, "The SkySoar Marketing Podcast" where topics on fitness marketing will be discussed in detail.

Founder of SkySoar, Lucas Alyward also hosts a top 50 podcast in Canada, called "The Sky's The Limit Podcast."

-John Vasquez

Instagram: jvimpacts

After losing everything 14 years ago, John Vasquez (popularly known as Coach JV), built his way back up from the ashes to the man he is today.

Coach John Vasquez is a book author, podcast host, and the CEO of 3T fitness & 3T Warrior Labs. 3T fitness is a multi-faceted fitness complaint that focuses on human optimization, Nutrition, and proper supplementation. The program is a high-level warrior training academy that focuses on fitness from the inside out. The program starts with building the foundations of mindset and eventually works its way into high-intensity physical movement.

By developing his mind and physical body, Coach JV was able to overcome unbelievable odds and become a warrior coach.

Currently, Coach JV and his team are launching the 3T Warrior Global Academy. This is aimed at helping people around the world navigate these difficult times through mindset, movement, and proper nutrition! Apart from this, they've also launched their new immunity-boosting product - The Warrior Emergency Immune Support Supplement.

-Rom Raviv

Instagram: romraviv

Rom Raviv is an entrepreneur and host of the Spreading Success Podcast - a podcast that shows the day to day life of the top entrepreneurs and social media influencers such as successful businessman David Meltzer. Rom's Podcast was also rated amongst the Top 100 business podcasts.

Apart from this, Rom co-founded an agency, Podblade at just 19-years-old. Podblade is an all-in-one podcast editing agency made for podcasters by podcasters. It offers a $20 package that covers a whole podcast episode with video and a social media audiogram included with every order.

Currently, Rom is working on building a community and personal brand on the social media network TikTok. He's already amassed over 400,000 followers.

-Kioka Tanksley

Instagram: kiokatanksley

Kioka Tanksley is the Billionaire Brand Consultant and CEO of Royalty Reigns Management, a global integrated marketing communications, and media relations consultancy amplifying celebrities, emerging businesses, and the world's most prestigious brands. They specialize in Word-Class Marketing that evolves, promotes, and protects their client's brands as they reign in the Luxury, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Sports industries.

Royal Reigns Management has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and more, some of which have included brands like Sephora, The Atlanta Braves, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Google, Oprah Winfrey Network, and more. The agency continues to expand and currently has offices in New York, Atlanta, California, and London.

In the wake of COVID-19, Royalty Reigns Management has quietly launched the Black Label Communications Partnership Program. We exclusively select a limited-number of Celebrities, Emerging Businesses, and Corporations to join. This program raises awareness, drives sales, and inspires millions during times of uncertainty.

-Luis Jorge Rios

Instagram: luisjorgerios

Luis Jorge Rios is a combat veteran of the United States Army who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. After serving a period of ten years, Luis set out to become a celebrity press agent. Although this was not an easy task, Luis kept his focus on the goal he set out to accomplish.

Today, Luis has worked with dozens of industry-leading individuals, organizes TEDx events and interviews millionaire celebrity entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban

-Frederick Ghartey And Jan Cieslikiewicz

Instagram: parlor.social.club

Parlor is the new way to socialize. Developed by Jan and Frederick, Parlor provides a thoughtfully curated calendar of cultural and social events across the city. It also provides an opportunity for members to connect with each other through a mobile app.

Parlor efficiently uses the data provided by its members to group them together based on interests, preferences, and peer networks. It also facilitates connections with members at real-life events. Their members come from different backgrounds and consist of a balanced mix of creatives, professionals, and tastemakers.

After experiencing a couple of problems based around a physical space, Jan and Frederick decided to solve this problem by developing a company that centers around a new concept. They wanted to create a digital-first social club.

Before coming together, Jan was the first employee of a quant hedge fund that grew from $80M to $3B in size. He left the world of finance and got involved in art photography. His work has been featured in The Guardian and GQ. While Frederick was the President of an ad-tech company, Clickspring. He helped build leasing software distribution channels producing 5million installs per year.

Together, Jan and Frederick are creating the best social life for their members.


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