Meet causaLens, A Predictive AI For Hedge Funds, Banks, Tech Companies

Benzinga is highlighting nominees for the fifth annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards ahead of the event Nov. 19 in New York City.

Here's al look at causaLens, an autonomous predictive technology for business.


The company is leveraging new tech to deliver next-generation machines that predict the global economy in real time.

The firm was born out of a vision to help organizations better optimize business outcomes and operations.

Recent Developments

CausaLens was recently named by Forbes as one of 29 of the U.K.’s most exciting AI startups in addition to winning the U.K. Business Angels Association award for Best Investment in Deep Tech.

The firm was recognized for its embrace of a practical AI solution.

Growth Prospects

CausaLens aims to further expand on its predictive abilities, improving on existing insights derived from real-world, time-series data.

The firm has appointed hedge fund veterans and data leaders to its advisory board.

The additions include Jose Marques, former Head of Trading at Bridgewater Associates and owner of Inferent Capita; Mark Roomans, CEO of Morningstar EMEA; and Theodore Mollinger, director at Moody's.

"We are delighted to have Jose, Mark and Theodore join our advisory board. Their wealth of experience and industry knowledge will propel us to becoming the gatekeepers of the world's most advanced system to predict, in real-time, the state of companies, industries, markets, countries and the world economy," causaLens co-founder and CEO Darko Matovski said in a statement.

Look for causaLens at the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards.

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