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SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2019 / There is a reason why people love Don Draper. As a successful mad man, he creates new connections with people who matter to him and seems to truly live the messages he sells in meetings, making his pitches deeply emotive and useful. That, precisely why viewers care about him, in spite of his nihilistic tendencies. Not only does he understand the easiest way to move people, but Don himself is also like a walking ad, evoking our most basic desires for status and connection. You see that right there, that's who Patrick Van Negri is; only this time, it is in the context of social and digital media. Patrick is a content creator, GQ Insider, photographer, creative director, and social & digital media consultant.

He has worked on numerous campaigns in the past three years with full control of all the processes starting from content ideas & creative brainstorming, pre-production, location scouting, creative direction, copywriting, distribution strategies, post-production, as well and post-data & metrics reports and analysis. In short, adding value is what he does. I had an opportunity to speak to Patrick various topics, but the way he talked about social media sold him out as someone worth giving a listen. Here's Patrick's outlook on social media.

Social Media is about Creating Collaborations

We all appreciate how easy it is to create meaningful business connections on social media. However, Patrick understands this more than most of us. He is of the idea that creating collaborations "is a long thought-creative-process rather than slacking a selfie captured with my phone's front camera; or pushing the product with one hand in your face and a peace sign on my other hand, and the caption goes "travel/product goals." So, how do you do it?

Always Working to Add Value to Followers

I wanted to know what he meant by saying that creating collaborations on social media is a long thought-creative-process. He said, "The first and most important thing when doing collaborations is to make sure that it will add value to my follower's life." Of course, if you add value to your followers and fans, they will always be hooked to you, waiting for what you have for the next time. Patrick's point of focus is on creating content that is entertaining, inspiring, educating, and valuable. The same goes for collaborations; the approach never changes. "It just goes to the next level, and I invest more and more time and effort in it as I am constantly educating myself and testing different ideas, concepts, and strategies, trying to innovate and disrupt," he adds.

Being Authentic and Trustworthy

In business, everyone has their secret weapon, their asset. In social media, that is what people use to create meaningful collaborations. Patrick's asset or, if you like, his secret weapon is authenticity. "I have to make sure everything I do is 300% authentic," he tells me. He only talks about and shares things he is passionate about. That way, he can be himself, which means followers trust him faster than they would do in an average situation.

Telling Stories that People Relate to

If you want to make the most out of your collaborations, learn how to tell stories that bring the entire experience to life. Patrick is of the idea that the ability to tell stories through which followers end up being customers has changed the game for influencer marketers.

Dealing with Only the Products and Services That Relate to a Particular Audience

That is a golden rule. No collaboration works if the product or service involved is not relevant to your audience. The only way you can tell a good story around a particular product or service is by creating a sentimental bond with your audience. Once you have done that, it will be easy to add value to the people who come to your page every day.

Patrick's Dream

"Nothing beats the experience of waking up to a thank-you message from someone who's life changed after visiting my profile on social media or my website," Patrick says. As cheesy as that sounds, Patrick's dream is to bring his followers to value, happiness, inspiration, and entertainment. He tells me, "I want to be a reference of how one can live a fulfilling and happy life."

In finishing, I asked Patrick for the most basic advice he would give a social media influencer. "Influencing people is not about making them live the way you live. On the contrary, add value to the lives they are already living. Empower them with such values as hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and an ungodly amount of confidence and perseverance that everything is possible and that we are all in this together." All that said, I just sat there thinking, all he's missing is that old fashioned in his hand overlooking New York City from an office, and he is Don Draper. Everything about Patrick exudes confidence, comfort, and an ability to connect with his audience in a real subconscious manner that leaves me amazed every time. Like with Don, I get drawn into Patrick's beliefs and dreams of enjoying building something positive, and that will leave a legacy for others to get further in life.


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