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Meet Ed, Street Fighter V’s next DLC character

Ed as seen in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

Capcom has released the official trailer for Street Fighter V’s next DLC character Ed.

After a leak on the PlayStation Store all but confirmed Ed, and a separate leak with images last weekend, we finally see the character in action. At first glance, Ed looks like a Balrog/M. Bison hybrid.

He appears to have some of Balrog’s quick hands, anding what looks like some target and knock up combos with uppercuts. His V-Skill is called the Psycho Snatcher and depending on how long it is charged, it pulls the player closer to the opponent or grabs the opponent and yanks them airborne towards the opponent; similar to Scorpion in Mortal Kombat.

A post on Capcom-Unity describes some of his abilities. His V-Trigger is called the Psycho Cannon. It is a large projectile that Ed can follow up with attacks, very reminiscent of Decapre’s Ultra 1 in Street Fighter IV.

Ed’s Critical Art is the Psycho Barrage and if any of the series of punches connects, he will pummel his opponent. Psycho Barrage apparently is also the only move that requires any special motions.

Ed’s Battle Costume in Street FIghter V (Capcom)

According to the Capcom-Unity blog post, Ed’s special moves “require only simultaneous button presses, repeatedly pressing a button, or holding down a button.” Balrog’s Turn Around Punch requires holding down buttons and it appears Ed takes that to another level, making him the first character in Street Fighter V to not rely on motions for special moves.

For those wondering, Ed does sport the white hoodie seen in the game’s various story modes in his Story Costume. To put an exclamation point on the Balrog/M. Bison hybrid, his Battle Costume is a mix of the Dictator hat and cape and Boxer gloves.

Ed will be included in the upcoming CFN beta test. However, Capcom did not specify a release date for Ed at this time.

Michael Martin covers SFV and the FGC. Follow him on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.