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Meet the Man Who Wants to Create a 'Deplorables Nation'

Jade Scipioni

When Hillary Clinton uttered the words “basket of deplorables” while referring to Donald Trump supporters last September, few thought it would ever turn into anything more than a few t-shirt sales and a good news headline.

But Evelio Medina, president of the Downtown Miami and Brickell Chamber of Commerce, saw something different — a huge business opportunity. He immediately seized the moment and trademarked the term, “Deplorables Nation.”

“I immediately bought the websites, too. I’m a proud deplorable and there are a lot of us out there,” Medina, founder of the Deplorables Nation, told FOXBusiness.com. “I wanted to create a movement.”

He says the idea is not to make money off of Hillary’s faux pas (which she later publicly regretted), but position the new company as a 501(c)(4) organization for Trump supporters.

“We’re having a Deplorables Inaugural Ball in D.C. tomorrow night,” he said. “Over 300-plus tickets have been sold and I can tell you that Trump knows about it.”

While Medina is unsure if President-elect Trump will show up to the event, he says that he has received calls from all across the country, “from ranchers in Montana to high-network people. I just got a call from a man from Nantucket today, where it is typically a very liberal area, and a bus full of women are coming from North Carolina," he said. "We have people coming from all over."

Over 2,000 tickets are available for the Deplorable Inaugural Ball between $500 and $1,000 a pop, which means Medina could potentially make over $1 million — not including sales of souvenirs with the Deplorable Nation trademark. But Medina says he plans to put all the money back into the non-profit, which he hopes to build out in the coming months. 

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