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Meet the 24-year old who could get Kanye West elected

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind

Kanye West announced that he would be running for president in 2020 after an 11-minute speech during MTV’s Video Music Awards. During the speech West also insinuated that he was high on marijuana.

Only time will tell whether West was serious about his presidential ambitions, but in the meantime the first political action committee has been formed in his name. "Ready for Kanye" was registered with the Federal Election Commission just a few hours after West’s announcement by Eugene Craig, a young republican from Maryland.

Craig, who is currently the 3rd vice-chair of the Maryland Republican Party and the president of the Young Minority Republican Fund, supports Rand Paul for 2016 but will support West in 2020 if there isn’t already a republican in the White House.

West has openly supported President Barack Obama and asked his fans to vote Democrat. Kim Kardashian, West’s wife has been vocal in her support for Hillary Clinton. Still, Craig believes that West’s ideals put him firmly on the right. “You have a candidate here who is anti-corporatism but stands for small business and entrepreneurship, that loathes the public school system and the disparities within it,” he tells Yahoo Finance. “On paper that sounds like a republican to me.”

Craig also points to Donald Trump who has been a democrat, an independent and a republican over the course of his life as proof that West's political affiliation can evolve.

Craig wants his PAC to begin collecting information and data on potential voters, but he’s not looking to raise money just yet. “I think Kanye West brings a voting bloc and constituency that has been apathetic to the voting process, and I think this is a great opportunity to tap into that voting bloc and start gathering some data on them,” he says.

Craig hasn’t been contacted by anyone associated with West but he is hopeful. He says he’s been a fan since West released the album “College Dropout.”