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Meghan Markle Was Just Spotted Walking Her Dog Like a Totally Normal Person

Erica Gonzales
Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images

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Even royals curb their dogs. Meghan Markle was spotted walking her pup outside Kensington Palace today-and she apparently cleaned up after he relieved himself, according to a tweet by CBS Miami reporter Lisa Petrillo.

"She couldn’t have been sweeter," she said of the Duchess.

A photo from the run-in shows the Duchess of Sussex dressed casually in a black jacket, top, pants, sneakers, and baseball cap while holding onto her dog's leash as he took care of his business. Unfortunately for Meghan's four-legged friend, the angle for the picture was less than flattering.

Markle is known to be a big dog lover. She has a beagle named Guy, who is a rescue she found in Toronto. She even brought him with her to Kensington Palace when she moved across the Atlantic last fall. (She also had another dog named Bogart, but she had to leave him behind with friends for the move.)

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Ahead of the royal wedding, Guy was famously photographed entering Windsor Castle with a prime seat next to the Queen during the ride in.

Meghan and Harry then expanded their family earlier this summer and adopted another dog, reportedly a Labrador named Oz, earlier this summer, sources told People. The pup has been keeping the Sussexes company during their trips to the Cotswolds in the countryside and at home at Kensington Palace's Nottingham Cottage. It's unclear whether Markle was with Guy or Oz in the dog-walking photo.

Forget Meghan's outfit photos; we want more puppy pics, please!

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