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Meghan Markle is the most beautiful royal ... says science

AOL.com editors

Everyone has been fawning over Meghan Markle.

And the Meghan and Kate debate over who’s the hottest commoner turned royalty has been raging for months. But now science has revealed that our newest royal crush may also be the most mathematically beautiful as well.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Julian Silva, head of the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London, recently mapped Markle’s face. Out of all the members of the royal family, she came closest to scoring 100 on the anGreek greek mathematical equation known as the Golden Ratio.

The equation is said to accurately measure beauty, and Dr. Silva says, when it comes to royal appearance, she is crowned queen. So what sets her apart from the other royal women? According to Dr. Silva, Meghan has incredible facial symmetry.

That’s not to say Kate and company aren’t also beautiful, just not as mathematically gorgeous.