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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Revealed Their New Charity After Their Split from Will & Kate

Louisa Ballhaus

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A few weeks back, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lightly scandalized the masses with the announcement that they were parting ways with the Royal Foundation, a charitable organization they shared with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meghan and Harry’s royal charity name has been revealed weeks after this announcement, and the title they’ve chosen makes it clear just how much they intend to differentiate themselves from the rest of the royal family. By all accounts, it’s a shrewd PR move — since Meghan and Harry’s wedding, the world has been more involved than ever in the goings-on of the royal family. If they can turn their massive audience’s attention to charitable causes, all the better.

The title of Meghan and Harry’s charitable foundation comes to us via documents obtained by E! News. The foundation will be called “Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex” — realistically, however, it will more often be referred to by its nickname, “Sussex Royal.” You’ll note that this is the same title Meghan and Harry chose for their über-successful Instagram account, which currently has 9.1 million followers. Aligning their social media page with their charity foundation makes sense: Since its creation, the Instagram account has largely been used to promote various charities.

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While Meghan and Harry both have a rich history of charitable work, they’ll be using some resources and support from the Royal Foundation as the Sussex Royals foundation takes off. Joining their board of directors is Natalie Campbell, who previously worked at the Royal Foundation. But, in classic Meghan fashion, they’ll have a key American advisor as well: Sara Latham, who previously worked on political campaigns for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

While we eagerly await new details of what the Sussex Royals foundation hopes to accomplish, we should take a moment to applaud Meghan and Harry for embracing their popularity and “branding” their charity with the Sussex stamp. The world is watching Meghan and Harry. And while they may not always like the eyes on them, they’re smart enough to take our attention and turn it to where it matters. Well done!

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