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Mel B breaks into tears as she remembers late father during emotional 'AGT' performance

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was an emotional night for Mel B during the season premiere of America’s Got Talent when a sibling band called We Three performed a tribute to their mother, who died of cancer.

Bethany, the sister in the group, explained that their mother had been very supportive of her and her brothers. “In 2015, she had severe back pain,” shared Bethany. “She went to the doctor and they found large masses throughout her body. She got diagnosed with stage-four carcinoma cancer. We had kind of a shocking four months with her before she passed, which was way shorter than we were expecting.”

Bethany’s brother Manny said that after their mother died, they discovered some of her journals, in which she had written about losing her own mother. That inspired the song they performed for their AGT audition. When Simon Cowell asked the three about it, Manny said, “It’s about our mother, who passed away from cancer about two years ago. And it’s a song written from her perspective, kinda talking to us in, like, her last month.”

The emotional yet beautiful work immediately touched the judges and caused Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks to break into tears. The performance resonated with Mel B especially. “I lost my father over a year ago to cancer,” she said. “I felt like that song was just meant for me and my dad was singing that to me. So, I just felt it. I’m shaking. It was really, really good. Thank you.”

In the end, all four  judges sent We Three to the next round, and Mel B needed to take a break to recover.

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