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Melania Trump's State Dinner Menu Slammed As 'Froo-froo Garbage' By Pundit

Harriet Sinclair
Melania Trump's State Dinner Menu Slammed As 'Froo-froo Garbage' By Pundit

First lady Melania Trump’s menu for the state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte was described as “froo-froo [sic] garbage” by a conservative pundit, who suggested the fare was out of touch.

In a tweet, Erick Erickson mocked the menu selected by Melania—who eschewed an event planner in favor of organizing the occasion herself—which included a rack of lamb and jambalaya.

“This menu is why I could never be President,” Erickson wrote on Tuesday, sharing a sneak peek at the menu that was shared by The Hill.

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“I'd serve fried chicken and mashed potatoes with sweet potato pie for dessert. None of this unpronounceable froo-froo garbage,” he added.

A number of people appeared to back Erickson’s stance, replying to his tweet with suggestions of what they would serve for a state dinner, one adding: “Why not show them how real Americans eat?”

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But others pointed out that jambalaya was a Louisiana dish, with one sharing the menu and explaining most of the dishes were not particularly fancy.

“You can't pronounce jambalaya? It's American cuisine. You can't pronounce "lamb?" What is your deal? ” one Twitter user wrote in response.

And another mocked Erickson for failing to use the correct, French spelling of frou frou, adding: “Erick's too populist not to anglicize frou frou.”

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The menu chosen by Melania featured American dishes that have a French influence, including a goat cheese gateau and lettuce salad with tomato jam and buttermilk biscuit crumbles to start, The Washington Post  reported, while the main course featured a seasonal spring lamb accompanied by jambalaya and Carolina Gold rice.

For desert the Trumps and the Macrons enjoyed a nectarine tart with ice cream, with the meal paired with wine from the U.S. West Coast.

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