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Melrose PR and Women-led Tech Companies Team-up with BitPros and CryptoMondays L.A. to Host What Aims to be the Best Female-Attended Blockchain Meetup in the World

Women-powered LA-based crypto companies come together to set a world meetup record of best female-attended crypto meetup in Los Angeles for panel and LIVE podcast recording.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- All-female blockchain communications agency Melrose PR partners with crypto consulting, business solutions, and investing firm BitPros and CryptoMondays L.A. to bring prominent crypto companies together to host an event that aims to be the first female-dominated crypto meetup. Alongside Melrose PR and BitPros, partners include Crypto Token Talk, Rabbit Hole, Women of Crypto, Crypto Blockchain Plug, Sense.Chat, Blockchain Beach, Coinstate.com and Unstoppable Domains.

Kelley Weaver, CEO of Melrose PR, will host a discussion and LIVE panel recording for the Crypto Token Talk podcast on "The Power of Bitcoin: the global impact of blockchain technology" with panelists including Co-Founder & CEO of Sense.Chat Crystal Rose, Founder and CTO at Trailyn Ventures Barbara Bickham, Co-Founder, Partner, and Smart Contract Developer at Upstate Interactive LLC Kseniya Lifanova, Founder and CEO of Crypto Blockchain Plug Najah Roberts, and Partnerships & Marketing Lead at Unstoppable Domains Zayi Reyes.

Kelley Weaver said, "According to CoinDesk, blockchain startups with female team members comprise only 14.5% of all companies with only 7% in executive positions. We hope to change these numbers collectively by encouraging women and men to participate in setting a record for most female-attended crypto meetup in Los Angeles."

CEO of BitPros Josh Frazin said, "I've planned educational networking events for some time, but I have yet to see projects truly come together to achieve a common goal. Blockchain is the technology that is supposed to unite the world and create a global digital community, but it will always be the leaders behind the movement who drive the technology. More of them should be women, and this event is an example for how to make that happen."

Najah Roberts said, "Cryptocurrency will be the sole way to close the wealth gap that exists in our world today. If they do not offer you a seat at the table (Economically Speaking) bring a folding chair. Cryptocurrency is our folding chair. In order to see Mass Adoption, it is going to take Mass Education."

Godfather of Blockchain Beach and Founder of Coinstate.com, Austin Davis, expressed genuine enthusiasm when he shared, "We aim to unite powerful female leaders in technology to create real impact, education, and awareness; and hopefully open the flood gates to encourage more women to join this industry and fuel the blockchain revolution with their power!"

Zayi Reyes says, "It is important for the Los Angeles community to support events that are inclusive to individuals of all genders and backgrounds as I firmly believe that growth can only come from a collaborative perspective. Seeing as blockchain is a new technology, we have the opportunity to build an industry that disrupts conventional ways of conducting business and places power in groups that have traditionally been seen as minorities."

Finally, Kseniya Lifanova expressed that "In order to achieve the mass adoption the blockchain community is looking for, we need to build products for everyone: men and women, people of all ages, people across all nations. This is why I believe we need more diversity in the space now. The builders and creators who are working on blockchain technology for future generations should represent all of society rather than a select few!"

Event Details
What: Crypto Mondays Meetup and LIVE Panel Discussion on "The Power of Bitcoin: the global impact of blockchain technology"
When: Monday, September 30th 6-9pm
Where: 1212 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Who: Melrose PR, BitPros, Crypto Token Talk, Rabbit Hole, Women of Crypto, the Crypto Blockchain Plug, Sense.Chat, Blockchain Beach, Unstoppable Domains, The Web Corner, Carlton Fields
Why: Participate in most women-attended crypto meetup in Los Angeles

In addition to networking and a LIVE podcast recording and panel discussion, there will be live music and free appetizers and drinks from 6-7pm. Each attendee will be given a raffle ticket, two for guests who bring a female friend who has never been to CryptoMondays L.A. meetup before, to have a chance to win $150 in bitcoin plus a $200-value gift card to 1212 Restaurant.

To register for the event, visit the CryptoMondays L.A. Meetup Page.

For media inquiries, please contact Kili Wall at (310) 260-7901 or Kili@MelrosePR.com.

About Melrose PR
Melrose PR is a blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused communications agency located in the heart of Silicon Beach, California. With long-term strategy at its core, Melrose PR leverages the best practices in brand strategy, media relationships, content creation, and thought leadership development to support its clients in exceeding their communications goals.

About Crypto Token Talk
Crypto Token Talk is a podcast by host Kelley Weaver for those interested in learning "Crypto 101" and exploring the new frontier of blockchain technology. It serves as an entertaining on-ramp and newbie-friendly gateway to learning resources related to the world of cryptocurrency. Each episode features different co-hosts and industry experts in the blockchain sphere or their respective field.