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Melt Away the Fat with Pure Yacon Syrup

Albany, NY / May 12, 2014 / The popularity of Yacon Syrup has completely exploded in the last few weeks. Everyone from fitness experts to experienced dietitians have been completely blown away by its ability to melt away fat.

The extreme popularity of this product has led to many companies trying to cash in on Yacon Syrup. Total-Reviews.com has warned consumers to exercise caution when purchasing Yacon Syrup and only use a verified supplier.

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Natasha Rosa, Head Nutritionist for Total-Reviews.com has spent weeks testing dozens of Yacon Syrup products. Many of these products were found to contain unnatural additives that have been known to cause unwanted side effects.

"I was amazed at the number of products that claimed to be natural, but after testing, contained many unnatural additives. Out of the dozens of products I tested. I was able to find three natural and effective Yacon Syrup products", said Natasha.

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How Yacon Syrup Helps You Lose Weight

Yacon is in no way a new product. It has been used for hundreds of years in one form or another. It has been part of the South American diet for generations. Yacon Syrup has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut, increase metabolism and even suppress your appetite.

Many people from the scientific community have had some incredible things to say about Yacon Syrup. Dr. Mike Roizen, a former editor of 6 medical journals, stated that Yacon Syrup showed "Remarkable weight loss after 120 days".

Recently Yacon Syrup also featured on the Dr Oz show. Where he ran his own study on Yacon Syrup to find out the results for himself.

In total 60 participants were asked to taken a tea spoon of Yacon Syrup before breakfast, lunch & dinner for four weeks. Out of the 40 women who completed the study:

- Over 70% of the women in the study lost weight.
- 14 of the women lost more than five pounds.
- Over 65% of the women would recommend Yacon Syrup as a weight loss tool.

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