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Melvin Ingram: Chargers are definitely winning the Super Bowl

Josh Alper

The Chargers have a couple of key players named Melvin and neither one is lacking for confidence about the 2019 season.

Running back Melvin Gordon called the Chargers “the team to beat” this year and defensive end Melvin Ingram shares that belief. He said last week that the team is “definitely going to win the Super Bowl” before echoing his teammate’s read on the team’s spot in the league.

“We’re the team to beat in the NFL, not just the AFC West, it’s the NFL,” Ingram said, via the Los Angeles Times. “We feel like when we’re going against our offense that we need to beat them because they’re the best. They need to beat us because we’re the best. That’s how we’re going to get better.”

Head coach Anthony Lynn said that “most players feel that way” about their teams, but he’s not fond of doing so and added that he considers the Patriots the team to beat because they won the Super Bowl in February. The Chargers couldn’t do that last January and the last two decades of data suggest they’ll probably have to do it this time around to prove Ingram correct.