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Memorial Reefs International Announces New Jersey Location

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Memorial Reefs is announcing their newest Undersea Memorial Gardens off the coast of New Jersey to help meet the demands of families in need.

"Memorial Reefs International offers a green alternative to burial. We inter your cremated remains in a Memorial Reef, and place it on the ocean floor in order to grow new coral reefs and marine habitats. We choose our Undersea Memorial Garden sites by locating areas that have significant coral reef loss, and would benefit from restoration," says Emily Boehm, a member of Memorial Reefs International.

The location is perfect for a family friendly 'Destination Funeral.' The Undersea Memorial Garden is placed off the coast of Egg Harbor, near Atlantic City, and the world famous New Jersey boardwalk.

Around the world, the coast of New Jersey is known as the shipwreck capital of the United States, and is also home to dozens of artificial reefs.

The combination of weather, water conditions, early boat traffic, and greatly varying coastal geology means that many ships through history were destroyed, and still lay on the bottom of the sea floor to this day. Countless divers have flocked to experience these marine archeological sites, for research and fun alike. Nothing compares to the diversity of wrecks this area holds within the mainland United States.

Beyond the draw for divers, the east coast is home to densely packed cities, and large populations of people who are interested in a non-conventional, ecologically sound memorial option for themselves that will not be a large financial burden on their families.

For the convenience of the families, interring their loved ones cremated remains into a Memorial Reef opens up more options as far as personalization, and placement. Beyond this, the interred person can know that they are contributing to the growth of coral and providing habitat for marine organisms.

Contact Memorial Reefs International at info@memorialreefs.international or call (877) 218-0747.

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