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In Memoriam: The Gumpert Apollo

Jeff Perez

Just a few days ago, news broke that the quirky, exclusive German automaker, Gumpert, is now completely defunct. What this means for enthusiasts, is that they most likely will never build a new car again. Ever.

What started out as a pipe dream from former Audi exec Roland Gumpert, turned into a car worthy of critical acclaim; the Apollo. It was a beautiful machine, but not beautiful (or refined) in the realm of Lamborghini or Ferrari beautiful, but beautiful in its own insane way.

Over the years, we didn’t see much of a change in design or even power, we saw a slow, and promising evolutionary process that would cement the Apollo in our hearts for years to come. Unfortunately, lack of sales lead to the demise of the Apollo, and the whole Gumpert moniker. Let’s take a look back at the Apollo’s short-lived history, shall we?



Meet the Apollo- only seven years ago marked the introduction of the first Gumpert supercar in the lineup. 650HP and a $415,000 price tag was sure to turn some heads, but would it eventually open some wallets?


In 2008 we saw the reveal of the hopped-up Apollo S with 700 horsepower and the Apollo race with 800 horsepower. Of which, the S landed a starring role on a 2009 episode of Top Gear, impressively putting up the fastest lap time on their track at the time.



In 2012, the special editions began rolling in. Sitting on top of a slightly refreshed body from previous generations, the Apollo S, Apollo R and Apollo Enraged came with 750-hp (S), 780-hp (Enraged), and a whopping 860-hp on the Apollo R. Unfortunately, as Gumpert was rumored to have already begun production the Apollo’s replacement, the automaker ran out of money. Bankruptcy was filed near the end of the year.


Gumpert Apollo S

Now, here, in 2013, we learn of the sad news of previous parties interested in the purchase backing out of their investment. This forced Gumpert to fire its remaining 19 employees, and close up shop for what we only assume to be indefinitely.

Gumpert- more specifically the Apollo, you will be missed.