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Memphis turns blocked pass into buzzer-beater to knock off Temple

Memphis Tigers guard Kareem Brewton Jr. knocked down an unlikely buzzer-beater after getting his pass blocked. (Getty Images)

Temple almost played perfect defense on Memphis’ final possession in overtime on Saturday.


Tigers guard Kareem Brewton Jr. had carried the ball toward the high post and straight into a double team with less than six seconds left in overtime. With Memphis down two, all it needed was a clean look at the rim to extend the game. Brewton saw his chance near the rim and attempted to fire a pass down low.

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It was the best mistake he could’ve made.

The pass was immediately blocked, but bounced into an area where only Brewton could corral it. At that point his only hope was to grab the ball and launch it toward the rim. Fortunately, that meant throwing up a 3-pointer and Brewton happened to sink it with ease.

The refs determined there was still time remaining on the clock, so it wasn’t a true buzzer-beater, but it certainly had the feel of one.

Memphis would officially win 75-72 with Brewton finishing with 10 points off the bench.

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