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Men ‘are more discriminated against than women,’ new study claims

Rob Waugh
Have feminists got it all wrong? (Getty)

A controversial new study has claimed that men actually face more discrimination than women, by using new methods to assess discrimination.

The new study, by experts at the University of Missouri-Columbia and the University of Essex, takes into account educational opportunities, life expectancy and life satisfaction.

The researchers claim that in 19 countries out of 134, men are actually worse off than women.

The researchers rated coutnries using a Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI), and found that men had things worse in countries such as the USA, UK and Australia.

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Factors taken into consideration include men’s poor uptake of education in Britain.

The researchers found that women were worse off in countries including Israel, China, and Italy.

Researcher Professor Gijsbert Stoet, said, ‘The BIGI provides a much simpler way of tackling gender inequality and it focuses on aspects of life that are directly relevant to all people.

‘No existing measure of gender inequality fully captures the hardships that are disproportionately experienced by men in many countries and so they do not fully capture the extent to which any specific country is promoting the well-being of all its citizens.’

‘Used alongside other existing indicators, it provides additional and different information to give a more complete assessment of gender equality, making it easier for policy-makers to introduce changes to improve the quality of life for both men and women.’