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#MenInNursing is filled with thirst traps who save lives

Photo: cherokeeuniforms/Instagram

Scrubs can be sexy.

Don’t believe us? Check out this Facebook post on Funny Nurses that is blowing up because of a handsome male nurse pictured wearing maroon scrubs and taking a sultry mirror selfie.

“This is so objectifying to men and we’re tired of it,” the caption begins wittily. “I mean seriously. Look at his supple skin and the way these scrubs fit perfectly on his toned abs (I mean, body) and that perfectly coiffed hair. The way that stethoscope slides around the sexy neck. We can’t remember where we were going with this….”

The smizing brunette nurse in question could get anyone’s blood pumping without even being in the exam room with him!

And the commenters agree. “Look at those arms! I want to start an IV on him,” one person wrote. Another recalled: “Many many years ago I had a male nurse like that. Made my blood pressure go up when he came in the room.” Added a third: “Ugh I wish he worked at my hospital.”

Then there’s this reaction: “I just flatlined. Need saving.”

If you want more, you’re in luck. The hashtag #MenInNursing is littered with photos of attractive male nurses.

There’s Cal, who works at Northside Hospital and has a smile that could calm any fussy patient.

Then there’s this guy with slicked back hair and a sultry glare, who makes a syringe look like a gift.

We’re swooning over Geremy, who is a 2017 Daisy Foundation winner for excellence in nursing and has a daughter. Oh, and he’s also gorgeous.

We’ll just leave a few more of these here to brighten your day — whether you’ve got an injury, illness, or none of the above.

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