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Men's Warehouse Inc. (MW): Zacks Rank Buy

Jared Levy

Men’s Warehouse (MW)

Back in early January Men’s Warehouse hit the Rank-Buy list showing strong momentum in the stock and fundamentals.   In the time since, the stock has rallied 25% hitting a new 52 week high of $40.51.

That run was later justified by a stronger than expected earnings report on March 7th.  After this recent rally does Men’s Warehouse have more room to run?

Company Description The clothing company founded in Houston in 1973 has come a long way since its humble beginnings.  Although George Zimmer’s trademark motto hasn’t changed, (aside from his now distinctly scratchy voice) the company’s size, reach and profitability has soared.  So has its stock…

 In a world where competition for price and business is tough, Men’s Warehouse is not only guaranteeing “you’ll like the way you look” but they are honing in on a niche market that has become not only price sensitive, but more prudent and discerning in their purchases – The middle class.

Strong Earnings Trends The most recent upside surprise added to MW’s long string of earnings beats, bringing their average surprise to 24% over the past year.

MW reported a Q4 earnings loss of 7 cents (unadjusted), which was much less than the 13 cent loss Zacks Consensus Estimate going into the report.  The loss was also a huge improvement over the 19 cent loss in the year ago quarter.

The Men’s Warehouse brand of the business, which is one of four, saw revenues increase almost 10%.  It represents about 60% of the company’s total revenue. 

The retailer benefited from higher product margins which were driven mainly by increasing prices in the US and a favorable mix of higher margin products.  Gross margins for the quarter also increased 2.7% compared to Q42010.  Their top line sales of 562.2 million for the quarter did fall just a bit short of expectations of 563.1 million.

Redemption for the top line shortfall came in the company’s forward looking guidance.  For Q12012 Men's Wear expects earnings in a range of $0.53 to $0.54, and sales growth of 2 to 2.5 percent.  The current Zacks Consensus Estimate stands at 62 cents for the quarter, 8 cents higher than their top end.

For the full fiscal year 2012, MW expects earnings in a range of $2.70 to $2.78 per share, with sales growth of 4 to 5 percent.   Men's Wear anticipates gross margins in the year to continue to increase motivated by higher average unit retail prices and continued occupancy cost leverage.

Still Strong? Men’s Warehouse has maintained its Zacks Rank 1 and is delivering results fundamentally.  With a forward P/E of 15.24, the stock is fairly priced even considering the recent run. 

The reality is that continued performance will be dictated more by the broad market itself which is still chugging along.  That’s not to say one should throw caution to the wind and ignore any warning signals, but for now MW remains a momentum stock. 


Jared A Levy is the Momentum Stock Strategist for Zacks.com. He is also the Editor in charge of the market-beating Zacks Whisper Trader Service.

This Week's Momentum Zacks Rank Buy Stocks:

Apple Inc (AAPL) When Apple hit the Zacks Rank 1 buy list, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity (pullback) to bring it to all you momentum readers.

While you may think you know everything about Apple, there are some nuances about the product cycle and the expectations for the company that make it unique.  It’s a company that everyone says is cheap, but it never seems to get too lofty in its valuation. 

In the past week alone the company was sued by Samsung,  got a new price target of $710 by Barclays Capital and announced the release of their newer, faster and higher definition 4G iPad.  By the way, you can reserve a new iPad today starting at $499, for delivery on March 16th.

In the bullpen is the new iPhone (5?) which will most likely hit stores later in the year.  Expectations are high for the new product to blow consumers away after the 4s just seemed to slightly improve on the previous model.  Even though the 4s may not have met expectations completely, it broke sales records for Apple.  

With all the excitement, drama and still relatively low P/E multiple, is this cash generating behemoth still a buy? 


Discover Financial Services (DFS) During the great recession of 2008-09 credit all but froze completely.  The average American (and global) consumer went into panic mode shifting from high spending to extreme saving. 

Banks and credit card companies also froze their lending practices as they tried to reconfigure their risk models and remained unsure of just how bad defaults on loans and revolving lines of credit would turn out to be.  At the peak of the recession, it was hard to tell what banks and credit card companies would look like or if they would even be around in a year or two.

Since the crisis, consumer credit has been increasing.  Revolving credit lines are on the rise and based on overall data, the US consumer is getting just a little bit stronger each week.  Debit card transactions remained fairly steady compared to credit card transactions in the downturn and Discover generates income from ATM and debit transactions through its Pulse system.

With a diverse banking, credit and transactional business, Discover might just continue to see upward momentum as consumer strength improves. 


Plains All American Pipeline (PAA) By now, most of you know that oil prices have been on the rise and many oil and gas stocks like Plains All American Pipeline have been gaining some serious momentum in the past month or so.  MLPs have been especially attractive to investors because of their eye-catching yields. 

PAA owns and operates a diversified portfolio of assets that play a key role in the movement of U.S. and Canadian energy supplies.  The company handles over 3 million barrels per day of crude oil, refined products and LPG on average through an extensive, strategically located network of assets in select North American producing basins and transportation gateways.

Recently the company reported strong earnings and they expect to continue to deliver exceptional results.


Corrections Corp of America (CXW) I remember attending a investment conference last summer and one of the best presentations I heard discussed was the corrections industry and how it was a smart and uncommon place to put your money.

CXW was one of the top selections for its steady growth and defensive nature of its business.  Economies may ebb and flow, but the number of incarcerated Americans is steadily growing according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Back in November, 2011 one of my colleagues noted CXW as a great value play after the company offer some strong guidance earlier that month.  The stock has since risen over 25% and looks to be building up steam.  In addition, the company announced a quarterly dividend of $0.20 per share beginning in June 2012. 


  Jared A Levy is the Momentum Stock Strategist for Zacks.com. He is also the Editor in charge of the market-beating Zacks Whisper Trader Service.


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