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Mentoring Individuals Like Marquita Payne, of Chicago Help At Risk Girls Have More Successful Careers in the Future

Research studies have revealed an interesting fact. Having a successful woman regularly involved in a teenage girls' life, can have a profound impact on their future; Marquita Payne from Chicago has developed mentorship programs for high risk youth

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2020 / Marquita Payne embraces this role in her community for at risk teenage girls. Payne is a talent acquisition professional and recognized as a leading planner of glamorous events. However, there is another side to this awe-inspiring professional. She is a dedicated philanthropist with years of mentoring experience.

Changing the World Through Community Intervention

Imagine, you had no one to turn to in difficult times. Can you comprehend how damaging this may be in the long term? A mentor, can step in and fill the role with -

  • Giving life advice needed by young girls

  • Decision-making skills

  • College application assistance

  • Relationship advice

  • Parental communication

  • An inspiration to strive for more

  • Guidance on how to make wise decisions

  • Spending time with them

Directing At-Risk Youth in the Right Way

Event planner, Marquita Payne, is well- known for her talents in this industry. She is known for her generosity and kind spirit. She also guides young women to succeed in the professional world.

Marquita Payne from Chicago Assists Teens in Recognizing Their Own Potential

Mentoring young women has been shown in studies, that teenage girls with a mentor, have more prosperous career options. Having a college graduate in their life on a constant basis can prove that someone is looking out for their best interests. High school girls need assertive role models in their support network. It can be as simple as having someone to help them with daily life events that occur. Marquita Payne of Chicago, doesn't only create mentorship programs. She actively volunteers to spend time with teens one-on-one.

Why People Like Marquita Payne Chicago Matter So Much?

Studies have demonstrated that regular interactions with a successful influence in one's life can alter their future positively. It has monumental effects on a young woman's academic performance and relationships with her peers. It also assists in keeping them on the track to pursue a degree.

Connections Matter

Marquita Payne of Chicago has a great deal of influence within her community. Helping young women who want to succeed, is in her blood. She is both successful in her professional and personal life. Having someone to reach out to who has powerful connections in the community, has a profound impact on a young lady. A teen has a supportive mentor they know to reach out to if they are in crisis, they are less likely to use coping skills like-

  • Experimentation with illicit drug use

  • Staying out late on a school night

  • Reduces participation in illegal activities.

  • Shows an at-risk youth that inner drive is the key to success

A mentor is like a second parental figure. They have a trusted role in a child's development. This develops in a way a parent usually doesn't. It is because of the trust that develops between the two parties. The teen can open up to a mentor in a way that they feel safe.

Mentoring Opens Up New Opportunities

Statistically, one in three teenagers are struggling in the educational system. This is linked to the fact they may lack someone in their life that can serve as a role model. They see that someone with a great career, is taking time out of their lives to spend with them. Self-value rises, as well as encouragement to stay goal oriented. A potential drop-out risk can see the results, first hand, if they graduate college. Without an inspirational role model, it can be a struggle. Marquita Payne of Chicago, inspires young women to foster their inner strengths and shows them how to utilize them. A young lady with a mentor, can see for themselves, that they can thrive in this world, with the right guidance.

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