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Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: Space with style

The 2016 CLA Shooting Brake (Photo: Mercedes)

At a glittering affair on Friday (14 Oct) Mercedes unveiled its latest CLA Shooting Brake for the Singapore market. 

The idea for a shooting brake came from the aristocracy in early 20th century England who needed a vehicle to take their hunting party out for the day. The term has the connotations of elegance, style and practicality, without looking like a normal estate car, or a more racy hatchback. 

Mercedes is hoping to tempt buyers looking for a car with more space in the boot, who don’t want to give up on good looks to get it. 

It’s here that the new Shooting Brake delivers. It has the looks to turn heads, with sweeping lines and creases, and has managed to avoid the trap of becoming more and more boxy as you go further back. Instead, the roofline curves gently down to the rear, making the extra space without bulking up too much. 

The 2016 CLA Coupe

The CLA Shooting Brake was unveiled alongside the new CLA Coupe. Externally, it’s obvious that they share much of the same DNA, but they are sisters rather than twins, with the Coupe having a more aggressive stance and front end. 

Internally both cars seem identical. The only difference comes at the rear where the Shooting Brake offers up 595 litres of space, with the rear seats down. That’s an impressive volume for a car that doesn’t feel any bigger than its Coupe sister. 

Whether Singaporeans will opt for the extra space over the more traditional choice of a saloon or a coupe, remains to be seen. However, while there may not be a lot of hunting in Singapore, Mercedes is betting that drivers are ready to embrace the shooting brake.