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New Merger Sparks Search For Next CryptoKitties and Tron Dogs

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2018 / The gaming industry has come a long way since the days of plugging quarters into a PAC-MAN or Atari machine in video arcades. Gaming has grown to become the highest grossing entertainment product of all time. That evolution happened incrementally- Xbox gamers started joining online groups and building virtual relationships — forging bonds through love of the game. The stimulus was about tapping into a mental agility- and the reward was reaching the next level of the game.

New games have appeared in the gaming galaxy — CryptoKitties exploded onto the gaming scene in 2017, and on December 2, the high selling cat was sold for 246.9255 ETH ($117,712 USD) on that day. Tron (TRX) Dogs, the kitties' more masculine counterpart, had soared to a $16 billion market cap in early January.

Blockchain-focused venture builder Victory Square Technologies Inc (OTC:VSQTF, CSE:VST, FWB:6F6) is becoming more active in the gaming space, and aims at innovating virtual economies. Leading companies that could potentially move into this direction are Western Union Company (WU), HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HVBTF), and HashChain Technology Inc. (HSSHF).

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly penetrated the gaming market, and the paradigm shift is now there are more options and new forms of rewards and upgrades for gamers.

The World of Warcraft is the juggernaut of the industry — raking in over $10 billion in revenue. Imagine how much more revenue this multi-player game could earn on in-game purchases with blockchain technology. Blockchain could potentially take gaming from a $108 billion industry to a $trillion industry.

Yesterday, Victory Square Technologies announced the company has acquired 100 percent of all issued and outstanding shares of Vancouver-based mobile games developer V2 Games Inc. for $2 million CAD.

V2 Games started as a game development and publishing studio, and was the first Canadian Company to license the iconic PAC-MAN IP for a mobile game. The company has an operating history of licensing large IPs, including PAC-MAN, Hello Kitty, the NFL and the NBA. Fueled by its success in the mobile gaming market, V2 Games started investing its returns into other companies in the gaming ecosystem.

V2 Games' portfolio of companies includes Kung Fu Factory, Immersive Tech and Nyan co. In January, V2 Games launched the Future Fund – a $10 million seed fund for gaming ventures. The fund is for strategic investments into the video game vertical, and targets game ventures, esports, as well as start-ups that have a strong use-case for leveraging blockchain within the gaming ecosystem. While the fund will have a global outlook, 50 percent of the fund will be reserved for investments in Canadian video gaming startups.

"Just as we've committed to partnering with high quality entrepreneurs and management teams that drive long-term shareholder value, V2 Games supports top tier teams in the gaming industry with a view to unlocking their potential by providing them with seed capital and the necessary strategic expertise needed to scale their gaming ventures," said Victory Square CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani.

Tejani added that post-acquisition, Victory Square will integrate V2 into the company's growing portfolio of disruptive technology investments.

Sam Chandola, CEO of V2 Games, said the acquisition is in line with the company's core competency of identifying early investments in gaming assets, and that it also puts V2 ahead of schedule in its pursuit to be a key strategic investment hub.

This merger marks a meeting of great minds, and surely sets the stage for future disruptive investments as this entrepreneurial team sets its goal on discovering the gaming galaxy's next Cryptokitties and Tron Dogs.


DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMGI)

DMG Blockchain Solutions is focused on managing and developing solutions to monetize the blockchain ecosystem. It intends to become a leader in Bitcoin mining, mining as a service (MaaS), forensics, and diversified blockchain platform development. Recently, DMG acquired Blockseer, a U.S.-based company that provides the analytics tools for blockchain data.

HashChain Technology Inc. (HSSHF)

HashChain Technology is a blockchain company focused on mining various types of cryptocurrencies in North America using its proprietary technology. The company has already signed purchase orders for 5,000 mining rigs. Last month, it received another 770 rigs from China.

Western Union Company (WU)

Colorado-based Western Union is the world's largest money transfer service. The company has started trials using Ripple's enterprise blockchain for its transactions. According to the company, it will continue to explore blockchain applications for its business.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HVBTF)

HIVE Blockchain is currently operating as a cryptocurrency mining firm through an established partnership with Genesis Mining Ltd. Recently, HIVE started its Ethereum mining operations in Sweden. The company has raised over $200 million since last September to finance its business.


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