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Merriam-Webster burns Trump over misspelling in one of his very worst tweets

Marcus Gilmer

President Donald Trump sent some awful tweets on Monday morning about his administration's policy of separating children from their parents at our border — which it turns out is a word he cannot even spell. 

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In one of a series of very terrible tweets, Trump misspelled "border" as "boarder," hardly the first typo he's made but one that's all the more glaring because of his obsession with "The Wall" and that aforementioned inhumane policy that is currently being enforced.

Screenshot of Trump's typo tweet, waiting for its inevitable deletion.

Image: Twitter/Donald Trump

You'd the think the leader of the free world would eventually get to the point where he could tweet without spelling errors, but here we (still) are. 

There were plenty of reactions but Merriam-Webster, who has not been shy about making sport of Trump's misspellings and miscues, jumped on this one right away. 

Okay, gotta hand it to them. That's a pretty good zinger. 

But, honestly, we're at a point with Trump — not to mention our collective horror at the current very dire situation at the border — that a pointed Twitter zinger just doesn't mean much as it once did.

What comes next will depend not on the dictionary but on the actions of our elected officials. 

Video: Misspellings and Wrong Words on Trump's Twitter

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