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Meta Arrow to Launch a Promising Creator-led Economy in Its Hyper-realistic Metaverse

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Bangalore, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of Web3 is expanding at lightning speed and the emerging number of projects is a testimony to this fact. Innovators from all over the world are putting their best foot forward to develop a comprehensive structure and use the underlying technology to bring unique experiences to the world.

Introducing Meta Arrow

As you might have guessed, today’s piece unfolds a new story with a feature that is extremely special. Dedicated to uncovering a forthcoming revolutionist in the Web3 space, namely Meta Arrow, this article comes with everything a Web3 enthusiast would want to know. Meta Arrow is intrinsically a powerhouse of experiences. On a journey to transform the way virtual reality operates and bring the world a futuristic portal of endless possibilities, the venture is ready to establish its virtual footprint in the coming months.

In the words of the founder Ravi Kumar, “As an entrepreneur, I needed to find the market potholes that exist with current Metaverse platforms, and build a utilitarian brand for the end-users. Intending to bridge the gap between expectations and reality, we have created a unique product, a platform brimming with immersive user experiences that engage and visuals that do more than capturing the eye.”

A boon for decentralization believers, the organization comes with unstoppable zeal to become a one-of-a-kind decentralized ecosystem. With its core lying in developing a flourishing and steady Creator Economy, the organization is moving forward with a clear vision to provide remarkable opportunities and build the next generation of creators. Be it a preference for fashion, art or music, the platform pays no bias to the background of the artist, be it a novice or a veteran.

It brings forth a unique plan for Artists to make judicial use of resources and facilitates lucrative collaborations with brands. The in-house builder program helps developers create scenes using the SDK tools and leverages the creation to secure rewards in the long run. Moreover, it enables monetization of content, opening multiple avenues to earn in this Metaverse. Allowing a free flow of communication with their fans, Meta Arrow knows which nerve to press to bring out the best of both worlds. Giving all the power to its creators is something only a whip-smart platform would do, which is exactly the need of the hour.

With visionary founders and a talented group of people working behind the foundations, the platform ensures to combat each of the shortcomings of its counterparts. Something that a smart organization would especially take into consideration is the gaps and plan on filling them in just the right places. Constantly giving us insights and snippets of their upcoming state-of-the-art Metaverse, the organization is highly active on Twitter and uses it as a serviceable platform for its users even before its launch.

The Concept Behind

Meta Arrow’s motive to reframe experiences and make them immersive is a very well-calculated move, and we cannot complain. Their hyper-realistic platform is going to be an ultimate abode for their #MetaClan and #ArrowGens as they like to call it. Standing at par with the current existing platforms, their Metaverse, namely ‘Arrowverse’ is a ride you might want to equip yourself for. Filled with utilitarian experiences, powerful engagement mechanisms, and high-poly models, one must wait for the sensation to come our way.

Set on three focal pillars of Social, Entertainment & Commerce, the respective Metaverse will enable its users to experience some mind-shattering experiences.

Breaking them down for an easy understanding, the pillars mean exactly what they say, but only better.

  • The Social aspect of Arrowverse puts a very detailed focus on how interactions take place in their virtual world. With avenues to support play, talk, collaboration, and boost socialization of all kinds, the level of tailoring a user could achieve is not something any other Metaverse provides right now. From watching movies to roaming in streets, hanging out to working together, the recreational ways are immense.

  • Engulfed by mind-numbing yet awakening experiences at the same time, stands the Entertainment section of the Metaverse. The boundless horizon is home to experiences that have no end. Bringing to you up-and-close events such as concerts and shows with eminent celebrities and artists, the platform is a one-stop show to satiate the hunger for other-worldly happenings.

  • Commerce is what commerce does! A leisure activity like no other, the commerce aspect enables shopping at established as well as new brands. With the power to test out digital clothing/accessories/footwear or even stare and comprehend art, the offerings are every bit tempting. Brands have the rewarding chance to tap more audiences and widen their orbit to digital mediums, unlike before.

Into the Future

From starting to build a team in the year 2021, today the organization is a pool of less than 20 adept people striving to take the platform to the greatest heights. While the first quarter of this year was utilized in framing the core idea and building active communities, the second and subsequent quarters focus on even more exciting offerings (such as product launches, feature announcements, IDO launch, token sales, etc.).

“Meta Arrow is aiming to become the pioneer Metaverse in the sectors of socialization, commerce & entertainment. Our hyper-realistic 3D world is miles ahead of today’s available options and is multi-fold immersive from a market’s point of view. We have a very positive vision with this project and certainly a resolute potential to revolutionize the concept of Creator Economy in Web3.” says Parth Joshi, the project manager.

The idea to emerge as a thought leader in the market and onboard millions of users to ride the sensational wave of this enormous space is rooted deep within the organization. For that, the platform also educates its users via informational and write-ups via its thriving social media handles such as LinkedIn and a dedicated Medium blog for long communicative pieces. To read their latest educational piece on Metaverse, click here.

Gearing up for beta testing of the product in the third quarter, Meta Arrow has a tonne of things planned for the audience from all corners. The platform has achieved significant numbers in a short span of its start, which shows that it is certainly a space to watch out for. Not only this, a while before they also launched their highly promising-looking website. You can check out the same for more information in their whitepaper for a deeper insight into their value proposition and stay updated on this pioneer of a platform.


For more information, please get in touch with Meta Arrow:

Website: https://metaarrow.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Meta_Arrow

Telegram: https://t.me/MetaArrow_io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/meta-arrow/

Medium: https://medium.com/@Meta_Arrow

CONTACT: Meta Arrow pr (at) metaarrow.io