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Meta Yachts to Develop Exclusive Waterborne Craft for Aftermath Islands Metaverse

Meta Yachts and Aftermath Islands Metaverse will work together on innovative new programs, watercraft-focused in-game NFTs and branding

Bridgetown, Barbados, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, a Barbados-based controlled subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies, Inc., has partnered with Meta Yachts, the premier maker of luxury digital yachts and watercraft for the Metaverse, to bring a range of new and exclusive watercraft as tradable and usable NFTs to Aftermath Islands virtual world.

Aftermath Islands is a virtual reality interactive platform that consists of theme-based islands, communities, and estates with high resolution, realistic graphics and supports digital identity. Meta Yachts is live in Decentraland and will work with Aftermath Islands to bring new watercraft designed and developed by Meta Yachts to Aftermath Islands.

Meta Yachts will be the exclusive dealer of watercraft in Aftermath Islands and will build custom and commercial watercraft vehicles as well as represent creators who wish to design and build their own line of watercraft. The team at Meta Yachts is composed of yachting, web3 and game design experts, and as such will bring avant garde yacht designs to the Aftermath Islands metaverse.

Unlike other Metaverses, Aftermath Islands is being built using Unreal Engine 5, displaying premium realistic graphics found in console and computer gaming and will be available for mobile, laptop and other devices, using Pixel Streaming that does not require any downloading and provides interactive streaming. This innovative technology will allow Meta Yachts to develop realistic and engaging virtual watercraft that look and perform like real world products.

The organizations will work together to develop a new, jointly held island and possibly other mutually agreed business, marketing, and promotional activities for the Aftermath Islands Metaverse, starting with one premium island focused on luxury properties around an interactive marina, as well as potential harbors on other virtual islands, with the possibility of expanding further into other interactive environments like watercraft racing, regattas and other events.

Thomas O’Nial, co-founder of Meta Yachts commented on the partnership by saying: “Meta Yachts is excited about designing, developing and distributing waterborne craft such as sailing and motor yachts, superyachts, speedboats, jet skis, dinghies, and more for purchase and use within the Aftermath Islands Metaverse and platform. As a theme-based world comprised of islands, this partnership makes sense from both the business as well as the gaming perspective. We’re happy to be partnering with a leading-edge Metaverse project such as Aftermath Islands that is raising the bar for virtual reality experiences of every conceivable kind.”

David Lucatch, Managing Director of Aftermath Islands, said: “Our partnership with Meta Yachts opens the door to countless new possibilities for our platform and our users, developers and other stakeholders. With exclusive access, dealer agreements, designer and seller royalties, and revenue-sharing arrangements for all sales of Meta Yachts and third-party digital watercraft in Aftermath Islands built into every tradable watercraft NFTs, we’re not only enhancing in-game experiences for our users and expanding our catalog of in-game, on-platform assets that are available for use and purchase but we are also providing new revenue-generating opportunities and enhanced business development, branding, and outreach options for our partners.”

Aftermath Islands recently announced $25 million in new funding from LDA Capital, a global investment group, and the acquisition of the assets and IP of the Meta Hero Project. This IP is used to create in-game items and NFTs that players can buy, sell, and use within Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds.

Aftermath Islands is led by an experienced group of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers who have worked with some of the world’s most recognized and respected brands and institutions, such as Marvel, Paramount, DC Comics, Warner Bros, and more. Design and development teams from Aftermath Islands and Meta Yachts will work closely together to ensure that only the most innovative and aesthetic digital assets are created during this partnership and that those assets are combined with rewarding, immersive, and user-focused game mechanics and in-game experiences.

About Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited – www.aftermathislands.com

Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited is a Barbados corporation that is 50% owned and is controlled by Oasis Digital Studios Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc (CSE:LQID/OTC:LQAVF). Aftermath Island Token Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, is a British Virgin Islands corporation

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is an open-world, realistic graphic virtual world where users can buy, develop, trade, and sell Virtual Land (VL), property, and items using in-game collectible NFTs. From play-to-earn games to online experiences, collaboration, immersive entertainment, and more, Aftermath Islands brings live streaming, high-definition graphics, exemplary interactivity, real-world mechanics, and countless new services and experiences to players all around the world. The platform is built on the philosophy of decentralization and economic inclusivity and promises to provide captivating experiences that allow people around the world to earn their way into virtual land ownership.

Learn about Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds here and read about how the project is reimagining Metaverse experiences in the future in the project light paper and sizzle reel.

About Meta Yachts - www.metayachts.club

Meta Yachts is the premier superyacht provider in the Metaverse. The team brings together experts and leaders from the yachting industry, blockchain, web3, tech, game and virtual world design to create unique and forward thinking fully operable watercrafts for the metaverse.

The company has already designed and built eight unique, fully-functional 3D superyachts, each showcasing a distinct concept. They’ve built the Meta Marina to go with it; the world’s very first metaverse marina which will also serve as the headquarters of the company. Meta Yachts has launched in Decentraland during the inaugural virtual Fashion Week inMarch, 2022, and is expanding in additional metaverses, working with brands and individuals to create luxury experiences. The company’s mission is to bring yachting & luxury to the metaverse.

Media Contact:

Robert Penington


Via KISS PR Crypto PR Distribution Media contact az@kisspr.com