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Metanautix Announces Quest -- The Data Compute Engine for a Simplified Data Supply Chain

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2014) - Metanautix, a big data analytics company focused on simplifying the data supply chain, today announced the general availability of Metanautix Quest™, the industry's first data compute engine that enables rapid decisions using all your data assets regardless of type, size, or location. Metanautix Quest re-imagines traditional SQL, marrying the language's high-level functionality with distributed computing technology. Metanautix Quest provides an intuitive way to ask questions of disparate data sources and offers increased visibility into data pipelines.

Metanautix Quest allows analysts to easily access and combine data from disparate silos into easy-to-understand tables -- whether the data is records, logs, documents, audio files, images, or videos. The solution works within an organization's existing toolset and doesn't require data be moved to a centralized system. Metanautix Quest simplifies and speeds-up data analysis for more effective collaboration, governance, security, privacy and compliance.

"Quest is allowing us to analyze hundreds of millions of records in the electricity markets, hundreds of times faster than our traditional data pipeline," said Ali Hortacsu, Professor of Economics at The University of Chicago. "Quest has seamlessly integrated into our process, used our existing SQL, and sped our queries dramatically."

Metanautix has more than half a dozen customers, including HP and Shutterfly, who employ Metanautix to create a more seamless data supply chain in a range of different data environments, alongside a wide variety of toolsets.

"The reality of modern data-driven enterprises is that there is no one model; heterogeneity is here to stay. Even organizations in the same industry can have radically different processes and tools for ETL, ad hoc analysis, discovery and business intelligence. With this in mind, we created Quest to be a flexible solution that runs in any environment," said Theo Vassilakis, CEO of Metanautix. "The prevailing technical view is that the various stages of analysis need to be separate or stitched together from disparate solutions. Quest was designed from the ground up to be integrated."

Along with the general availability of Metanautix Quest, Metanautix is also announcing a key partnership with Tableau to allow users to perform interactive analysis on any data. Metanautix Quest is integrated with Tableau through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). The integration allows Tableau users to tap into the power of the Metanautix Quest compute engine and overcome limitations of format, size and location of data to perform interactive analysis for rapid business decisions.

"With the great variety of data sources and data types within organizations, the ability to perform analysis on any data using Quest is incredibly valuable to Tableau users," said Andrew Beers, VP of Engineering at Tableau. "Metanautix Quest provides Tableau users with a quick and easy way to power their Tableau Dashboards with insights from all data."

Shutterfly's Senior Director, Customer Insights and Analytics, Derek Stevenson, will be presenting at the Tableau Conference on the company's implementation of Metanautix Quest alongside Theo Vassilakis, CEO of Metanautix, on Wednesday, September 10th.

Spend Less Time Waiting, More Time Doing - How Shutterfly Simplified Analysis with Metanautix

Tableau Conference 2014
Washington State Convention Center
Room 611

September 10, 2014
10:45am - 11:45am PT

Gartner predicts that, through 2016, more than 80 percent of organizations will fail to develop a consolidated data security policy across silos, leading to potential noncompliance, security breaches and financial liabilities. A major hurdle is the inability to keep track of all of the data being accessed throughout an organization. Because Metanautix Quest connects data silos, it naturally creates maps of data supply chains within and across organizations and provides data transparency for better governance, privacy, security and compliance.

"Too often, enterprises don't understand what data they have. The data supply chains are so opaque that keeping track of what is being done with their data becomes a real challenge. With Metanautix Quest, we've made it easier and faster to work with data silos, providing a unique window into an organization's data assets -- where those assets are, who is accessing them and what is being done with them," said Jim Adler, VP of Products and Chief Privacy Officer.

About Metanautix
Palo Alto-based Metanautix helps organizations integrate their data supply chains allowing them to make rapid business decisions and build better products. Founded by veterans from Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and backed by Sequoia Capital, Metanautix is the maker of the Quest data compute engine. Metanautix Quest bridges disparate data silos without requiring the data to be moved into one centralized system. Based on standard SQL, Quest allows users to treat any data as a table and ask questions in an intuitive manner, no matter the data's format, including records, logs, documents, and media data such as photos. Built with next generation distributed computing technology, Quest enables end-to-end analysis -- including ETL, adhoc, and in-memory -- of any size of data, whether the data is in the cloud, on-premises or both. For more information, please visit www.metanautix.com.